Asians Are Most Realistic About White-black IQ Gap

I suspect that Jews are equally realistic about their things, particularly traditional Jews who are less PC.

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* So even after decades of ceaseless and increasingly virulent propaganda insisting that reality is not what it seems, everyone still recognises that reality to a certain extent.

But why shouldn’t intelligence be an inherited, racial trait? No one gets their knickers in a twist over certain races being fleeter of foot, or better adapted to intense equatorial UV sunlight, or a diet of fish and seeds instead of Irish stew and milk.

* White people (including Jews) certainly know. They’re quite willing to lie, either to themselves or to others, however.

I wonder if any of this comes from thousands of years of living in a strict religious environment, where certain thoughts could get you driven from the village or even tortured by the more devout. It would encourage a way of thinking that denies evidence in favor of dogma.

Asians, having come from a more religiously lax environment, might be more willing to engage in blasphemous thought and speech.

* If Ashkenazi Jews are roughly one standard deviation above European whites, who are one standard deviation above African-Americans, then we all (blacks and whites) must look pretty dim.

* Asians get to stand outside of the standard black/white mess and simply have to observe their peers in the classroom or workplace and will undoubtedly notice which group seems to be at more or less parity with themselves and who is not…plus no one is telling them that they should feel bad about themselves just for existing or because of what their genetic kin did generations ago, so Asians don’t approach blacks with the assumption that they re really just like themselves but have a headwind of structural racism they are also fighting against that masks their true capabilities.

* The War on Noticing is a difficult war to win.

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