Leanne’s Story – A Black Girl’s Journey To Judaism

I chatted with Leanne via a Youtube hangout this afternoon.

WARNING: The sound quality is poor.

Leanne grew up in the Church of England in north-west London near Gulders Green. Around age 13, she became fascinated by Jews and started talking to a Jewish neighbor about tzitzit and Jewish rituals and beliefs and then she would research things further online.

At age 16, she emailed the Beit Din in charge of Orthodox conversions. They told her to contact them when she was 18.

At age 18, studying Hebrew at university, she contacted them again and they told her they don’t accept university students into the conversion program.

The London Beit Din is known as about the toughest in the world to get through.

So Leanne has gone the Masorti route and so far has had a great experience.

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