I’m Getting A Soul Reading Thursday Afternoon

A friend paid for me to get a soul reading Thursday afternoon.

Anything in particular I should ask?

What I am most curious about is where my next check is coming from.

Is all this forbidden by the Torah?

Chaim Amalek emails: "These fishing expeditions for free material were lots more entertaining when there were porn chicks and porn hoodlums in the mix. Reading and writing for your web site back then (there were no such things as "blogs" in those days, at least not by that name), I would get the thrill of almost being with sexually desirable women, even if only at a distance, and of getting an inside-peek at a world of loose women and easy money. Nowadays, when I read your blog and its qvetching rabbis and jeweyjudaism, I feel that I’m standing at the deli counter at Zabars, listening to yentas and their husbands discussing going to cousin Bernie’s kid’s bat mitzvah. The thrill is long gone. Only hot young shiksas can resurrect it."

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