I Want To Keep On Loving You

I have a hard time staying patient with love. If a woman is dissing me, and I can’t recall a relationship where the woman has not constantly challenged me by not returning my calls and doing other things to cut my balls off (denying me the driving wheel, cutting me down in front of others), and it makes me want to walk away and look for a more reciprocal relationship. But there aren’t women who don’t constantly challenge you. I have to learn to hang in there, and when my call isn’t returned, pick up the phone and call again. When she disses me, I have to learn to hang in there and not respond in kind but stay steady with my love.

I am having similar problems with the Dallas Cowboys. They won tonight but played poorly. They’re just not impressing me. I love them but they treat me trivially. They diss me and makes it want to walk away from them.

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