Alt Right Torah

* Alt Right Torah means treating non-Jews as if they were every bit as human as you, had the same hopes and dreams for their people, and extending to these goyim the same sympathy Jews want for themselves. It means putting yourself in their position. How would it have felt to be the Pharoah of the Exodus and Esav and Cain and Haman and Amalek and Balaam. What about the desires of goyim for cohesion, unity, strength and the development of their people?

* Alt Right Torah means never seeking anything for your group that you wouldn’t wish for other groups. When there are fundamental conflicts of interest, your enemy is your enemy, but not diabolical. There are no objectively good guys and bad guys in the universe. Without faith, life is a fight over scarce resources. With faith, life can be anything. You may not care about evolution, but evolution will remove those who don’t adapt.

* The purpose of the nation state is to develop a particular people.

* Why did Cain kill Abel? Because Abel wanted to be sacrificed and brought it about.

* Why did Esav hate Jacob? Because Jacob hated Esav after cheating him out of his birthright.

* Why did the Pharoah want to enslave the Israelites? Because he didn’t want Egypt to become multicultural.

* Why did Amalek hate Israel? Because it had fundamental conflicts of interest with Israel.

* Why did Haman want to kill the Jews? Because he thought the Jews would kill him and his people if they could.

* The Spanish Inquisition was a reaction to Jews ostensibly converting to Christianity but remaining Jewish in their secret identity and practices.

* Every horrible thing you ascribe to your enemies’ motivation is likely a projection of your own thinking.

* What was the Golden Age? When Muslims took over the Iberian Peninsula from the Christians with perhaps a little help from the Jews to make things super multi culti. Would Jews regard it as a Golden Age if Muslims took over the Jewish state of Israel with help from the Druze or Christians?

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