What The Elites Don’t Get About Trump & Bannon

Steve Bannon is an American patriot. He went from the US Navy to Harvard Business School and then Goldman Sachs to TV syndication.

I think his exposure as a devout Catholic to Goldman Sachs and Hollywood made him who he is now — a skeptic of America’s ruling elites. He sees how the 1%, some of it Jewish, is disconnected from the rest of America.

He identified with Trump’s desire to blow up both political parties, blow up the elites, blow up the banks and Big Hollywood and Big Media and Big Tech and blow up the Democrats use of identity politics.

Trump may well have started off his run to build his brand but his his time on the campaign trail changed him. He lost so much economically for his positions (Macy’s severed their relationship, Jose Andres backed out of his deal to be a chef in one of his hotels, bookings dropped off for his hotels, the network that carried Miss Universe cancelled him, the PGA dropped his course from the tour etc) that perhaps made him more determined to fight for what he believes in. Trump and Bannon want to deliver for the average American who’s been screwed over by the elites running Hollywood and Wall Street.

So far, it looks like Trump and Bannon have outsmarted the elites. They’re blowing up the traditional media and the traditional political game.

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