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If it is publicly acceptable to wear communist regalia such as a Che t-shirt and to use marxist terminology and arguments, then why shouldn’t it be equally acceptable to snap a Roman salute? Communists slaughtered far more people than Nazis and yet communism remains cool with many of the West’s intellectuals, particularly Jews.

A young man, Hugh, with a Jewish father, non-Jewish mother posts:


[Author wears glasses on the left. ]

Personally I do not have any problems with this gesture, as I think it is an inspirational expression of loyalty to, and pride in, our heritage. I understand not all members of the movement would agree, and for that reason I would not willingly put out an image of myself doing it while associated with the movement.

That evening I saw that Tila Tequila had posted this image to her Twitter page. I was at first worried it would come back on both myself and the movement, but as a half-jew posing with an Asian I figured it would be viewed for what it was, a joke. But as the next day wore on, and I saw the image gaining traction, I became more and more fearful of the image’s attention overshadowing the real content and purpose of the conference.

After Richard Spencer’s rousing and excellent speech on Saturday night, several attendees threw up Roman salutes themselves. I personally did not, as I was already quite upset with myself for my part in the photo from the previous night. I do not condemn them, as I imagine they felt the same way I did raising the salute with Tila. Whether or not it was a poor choice is a very subjective matter as we have purposefully grown the Alt-Right as a very big tent, filled with a spectacular diversity of opinions, ranging from those of Andrew Anglin, to the now highly critical Mike Cernovich.

This nebulous and inclusive nature has made us both extremely effective, and extremely vulnerable to problems like infighting. The last thing I would ever want is to see us begin to splinter in the face of such a trivial disagreement, and to be at the center of it personally would drive me to utter despair.

Despite being the product of the selfish act of miscegenation myself, I identify as European. The preservation of our race, our culture, and our way of life is more dear to me than any other part of my life. I lived first-hand through the violence caused by diversity. I was brought to the Alt-Right before it had a singular name, beyond disparate publications like American Renaissance or Occidental Dissent. This is why I do not mind risking my personal future by having my face and identity out in the open. However seeing the movement damaged in such a way, and losing the ability to work toward it’s furtherance is a fate I simply cannot abide.

None of the personal fallout since NPI has bothered me on any deep level, even my own Jewish father seeing my face on MSNBC giving the Roman salute caused me little concern. It was not until Ramzpaul called me a false-flagger that I was truly vexed. I cannot begin to process someone I respect so deeply thinking this of me. I understand though, it is easier to write it off as such than to address the underlying issues that led to this course of events, especially considering my parentage.

Myself and the other attendee in this video Paul posted were trying to play identity politics back at the Antifa members by using their own victim hierarchy against them. As someone personally to the right of many others on the JQ, from personal experiences around Jews, I understand this reaction completely. Still, I openly defended our ideals and promoted our non-violent methods in another video, and have written extensively on behalf of the movement. The other attendee has done the same, and never threw up a Roman salute, neither with Tila Tequila, nor in the conference following Spencer’s speech.

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