Is Richard Spencer A Good Face For The Alt-Right?

Comments at Alternative Right:

* Spencer was ‘larping’.

He gave a very good speech, and he trolled the media at the end with ‘Hail Victory’.

Media say Alt Right is ‘neo-nazi’, so he played the part. But ‘Hail’ salutes have a long pedigree in European history. It’s not only a nazi thing.

There is much more to him, and the speech speaks for itself. It was not a mindless neo-nazi speech.

Another thing. Spencer isn’t about diplomacy. He will never be in the power structure.

He wants to play a vanguard role, and that is always dangerous and edgy because you have to look beyond what is permissible.

Also, Spencer knows the value of notoriety. If he’d just made the speech, it would have been ignored. But because of his salute, he got the attention, and more people will be aware of NPI and the speech he gave.

Trump and Bannon need to distance themselves from Spencer, but we need people like Spencer to say what cannot be said.

And if media are okay with self-professed communists like Cornel West and Van Jones making regular appearances on TV, then they have no moral credibility in bitching about ‘extremism’ on the Right.

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* 1) You don’t know what’s good for Trump. Maybe Spencer helps by pushing the Overton window, or by showing people how a “real Nazi” looks like, or whatever. I would’ve thought the alt right memes often hurt Trump, but maybe they didn’t.

2) You need to criticize Trump to keep him in the line. Bannon is totally delusional in that he thinks Trump should reach out to blacks and then he’ll get 40% of the black vote. That’s outright idiotic. Also, Trump has already thanked his black and Hispanic and minority supporters. Who didn’t vote for him in high numbers. He’s yet to thank his white supporters who were the vast majority of his supporters.

Trump is probably well to the left of Steve, and he’s not really trying to implement the Sailer Strategy.

So he needs to be watched, and especially now that he’s won, we shouldn’t be attacking people to the right of him for using whatever publicity lifeline the media is giving them. It’s not going to hurt Trump’s election chances over 200 weeks from now.

In Hungary, Orbán was helped by Jobbik in a similar situation. Jobbik grew out of nowhere, in large part due to similar media tactics – the leftists kept talking about how Orbán “enabled the far right” or how “there was now a far right danger”, and of course Jobbik played into leftists’ hands by creating a clown “paramilitary” organization complete with a black uniform and initially maybe forty “soldiers”. But in the end Orbán simply positioned himself as a centrist between the fringe extremist left-liberals and the fringe extreme right Jobbik.

Trump can now point his fingers at Spencer as a real white nationalist, and paint himself as a centrist. Until Spencer, Bannon was the most far right person imaginable (and in the White House, to boot), but now it’s Spencer, which makes Bannon a moderate or even center-right.

Besides, if there’s a movement to the right of Bannon, it keeps Trump on his toes, because whatever he’s saying, he might think this Spencer might have some effect, and he might need the votes of those who might listen to him. Jobbik probably helped focus Orbán’s thoughts a bit on some important questions.

* While I agree that Trump shouldn’t play the press’s “will you denounce him?” game (they want him to denounce everyone to the right of Bernie Sanders), no good can come of Spencer. Guys who march around saying Heil and giving stiff arm salutes are never going to be a mainstream force in American politics – they are just going to be punching bags for the left who will do their best to tar Trump with his nonsense. Bannon has it right – what we need are American nationalists, not white nationalists.

As for your other points, please give the man a chance. He hasn’t even taken office yet and everything he has said and done so far and every appointment he has made are a million times better than what Hillary and Obama had to offer.

Blacks are not permanently wedded to the Democrat Party. They’ve been strongly bonded since Johnson won them over with the Civil Rights Act and food stamps, etc. but the same forces that have pried blue collar whites away from the Democrats could do the same for blacks. Kanye West has been praising Trump. Some significant % of blacks could begin to see that the globalists have been tossing them the snouts and trotters and eating high off the hog themselves.

* here’s a good summary of the take of T A Frank, a liberal journalist at Vanity Fair, on the rise of Trump, and its connection to the immigration issue.

It demonstrates among other things how it is possible to support one partisan side while seeing the merits in the arguments of the other side. This is truly a lost art among the vast horde of contemporary journalists; indeed, worse yet, it is an art they now actively despise.

One of the most discouraging things about this election, both before and now after, is how completely journalists have turned themselves over to unchecked partisan hackery. If a journalist has no basic interest in the truth, there will be no useful facts or worthwhile insights to be gleaned in their works. I now find myself virtually never reading The NY Times or the New Yorker when the subject is remotely connected to politics. Their product really does make you dumber than before.

* For years now I’ve noticed the constant caricaturing of segments of the white population in movies and television. The hatred just never stops.

* Spencer is extraordinarily brilliant and, at 38, is at the perfect age to ride the rising wave of pro-white identity politics. He will be 46 in 2024, the perfect age to run for president (assuming the republic survives that long and that he doesn’t try to run against Trump or whomever in 2020). I can honestly see him being our next president. Or whatever we call our leader in the post-republic era.

* It’s hard for people to wrap their heads around how immigration has closed off a lot of geographic opportunities for Americans who want to make something of themselves even if their relatives aren’t going anywhere in life.

* This is a travesty. I don’t know why Richard Spencer is getting all this attention all of the sudden when there is no connection between him and Trump, other than he and his friends like to root for trump on twitter. He likes to say he is the brains behind trump: absolutely not. It’s clear “Adios America” provided the intellectual impetus behind the Trump campaign, making immigration Trump’s signature issue for proving how corrupt/incompetent elites are. I don’t see any profiles of Ann, especially since her ideas are (somewhat) in the overton window. I’ve seen like 10 profiles of Spencer so far, and he’s getting all these interviews. And it’s clear who Coulter is inspired by. I don’t see a lot of reflection or intellectual examination of the Trump phenonmenon in the MSM: it’s just “look there’s a racist”! …

* Terms like ‘white supremacist’ and ‘white nationalist’ miss the point.

It’s really about White Differencist.

All races are different and superior and inferior in different ways.

When it comes to skin cancer under the sun, blacks are superior and whites inferior.

When it comes to digesting milk, whites are superior to blacks and Asians.

When it comes to running and fighting, blacks are superior to whites.

When it comes to scientific reasoning, whites are superior to blacks.

So, it’s all about Racial Differencism.

* Progs bitch about White Privilege, but the real problem all over the world is Globalist Privilege.

It’s a new way of exclusion and privilege that favors the elites of all groups at expense of masses of all groups.

Globalist Privilege is neo-aristocratism of the rich, smart, and/or well-connected.

* At a nfl game in Mexico city, Mexican fans chanted anti gay slurs and shined a green laser at the Houston Texans qb during the game to distract him. I guess this is the sort of vibrant diversity that the open borders SJW types want for America.

* White identity politics did not end with Trump’s election, although it certainly did facilitate it. If “we” need American nationalists and not white nationalists, then logically “we” also don’t need Zionists right? (This is an argument I’d prefer not to make btw.)

I would expect Trump to disavow anyone making saying Seig Heil etc but it should be tied to specific individuals and group. The alt-right is a very broad brush. And I would argue that in the scheme of things, alt-right < WN < WS in terms of repugnance. And WN is not particularly repugnant. What is repugnant about the 14 words?

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