When you put an interracial gay couple in every episode of Black Mirror, I feel like my sons won’t be able to find their way in life.

How could the Nazis take down Weimer without being so nazi-like? Perhaps mutual dialogue with sharing of feelings facilitated by a Freudian analyst?

We need Hamilton, the musical: but with all Jews.

With their pro gay propaganda, were they really surprised the Volk turned on them?

So… how could the Nazis have effectively warded off the decadence… less violently, less nazi-like?

How can we make the critique of Weimar without becoming worse than Weimar?

How do we win the war against Hollywood & the lugenpresse without becoming Nazis?

Perhaps if Hitler and the Nazis practiced the Alexander Technique, they would have felt less need for committing genocide.

It’s a shame that Hitler wasn’t in touch with his feelings.

I think Al Anon might have been the perfect program for Nazis seeking recovery.

How could the Nazis and Weimer have pursued a win-win solution? How can the Alt Right and Hollywood win win? Let’s all be winners.

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