The Good Jews

Here’s a discussion at The Right Stuff:

* List of “Good” Jews:
I keep a list of Paleoconservative leaning Jews: Paul Gottfried, Murray Rothbard, Lawrence Auster, Mencius Moldbug/Curtis Yarvin, Theodore Dalrymple/Anthony Daniels, Robert Weissberg, Ron Unz, David Cole, Luke Ford, David Gordon, Samuel Goldman, David Friedman, Walter Block, Bryan Caplan, Roy Cohn, Michael H. Hart, Daniel Lapin, Judah P Benjamin, Andrew Breitbart, Ben Shapiro (before Trump), Ilana Mercer, The Truth Will Live. Dr. Alfred Lilienthal, Tony Judt, John Meerscheimer, Gerald Kaufman, James Howard Kunstler, Carl Bernstein, Miko Peled, William D. Rubinstein (University of Wales-Aberystwyth), Seymour Hersch, Brother Nathanael Kapner, Dennis Prager, Alan Sabrosky, Philip Weiss/Adam Horowitz, Norman Finkelstein, Henry Makow, Max Blumenthal, Matt Drudge, Aaron Russo, Daniel Elsberg, Paul Eisen, Israel Shamir, Edwin Rubenstein, Jeff Blankfort, Professor Oren Ben-Dor, Michael Lerner (Tikkun), Philip Weiss, Lloyd Cohen (law professor who filed a federal civil rights complaint alleging racial discrimination in admission), Bernard Lazare, Gilad Atzmon, Sever Plocker, Kenneth Roth (Human Rights Watch), Jay Hyatt (Jewamongyou blog), Joseph Burg (Ginzburg), Victor Ostrovsky, Mark Levin (maybe on occasion); Byron Roth, Richard Herrnstein, Arthur Jensen, and Hans Eysenck are Jews that I hold in very high regard. (They are all famous racial hereditarians who wrote about IQ and the like.)

* If everyone has their own “list”. Then we will end up with millions of “honoraries”. It’s a risky game to play.

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