How Does She Feel When Men Look At Her With Lust?

I’ve just finished writing up my long interview with former model turned life coach Dr. Gabrielle Pelicci.

I live my life on a very spiritual plane, so many of the afflictions that common men suffer are not problems for me. Still, I am only flesh and blood. Despite my immense Torah learning, I am able to relate to the average Joe and to ask the questions of beautiful women that he will find interesting.

Luke: "How do you feel when you sense men looking at you with lust?"

Gabrielle: "If a man only looks at me with lust and only interacts with me in a lustful way, it’s disappointing because there is so much more to me than a physical body. If lust is one of many emotions, if the man also respects me, and also treats me like an equal, than I can’t really hold it against him for feeling lust. I don’t typically engage with people in that way.

"As a massage therapist, I would get a lot of requests to do sensual massages or to do different things. I don’t engage with people in that way. I’m very conservative when it comes to romance. I believe in monogamous relationships. You share that kind of intimacy with your partner. You won’t get a big response out of me if you are very lustful towards me and that is the only sort of attention that you’re giving me. I don’t really respond to it."

Luke: "To what extent do you want to be swept away?"

Gabrielle: "I would love it! As an independent woman in my mid-30s with all of these career aspirations, that’s a struggle for me. As much as I want to be swept away, I want to maintain what I’ve developed and to maintain my career and my independence and autonomy. Part of being swept away is being able to let go and let someone sweep you away. That’s hard for me."

Gabrielle’s Facebook. YouTube. Her Enerje website. Her blog.

Gabrielle talks about her interview with me.

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