Steve Sailer: President of South Korea Is a Puppet of Her Rasputin-like Shaman Fortuneteller

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* I was talking to a Korean girl recently about the politics of the country, with a special interest on race and multicultural stuff.

She told me that Park is part of the conservative party, but is demanding halal food in universities, which apparently has caused controversy. Also, the first non-ethnic Korean to be in the parliament was part of the same party.

It looks like their “conservatives” are basically what the Republican elite was 15 years ago: hawkish, awful on the national question, and pro-immigration and multiculturalism.

* How do you say “cuck” in korean? kuck-san park?

* So basically no matter how powerful the woman is, we see a pattern of a stronger reliance by them on fortune-tellers and other occult hucksters than powerful men do. I wonder if Queen Elizabeth or Catherine the Great had personal occultist fortune-tellers to help them through things.

Elizabeth, in particular, seems to have been a prime mark for a charlatan: with her extreme unpopularity (history has whitewashed it as her being a super-hero British ruler, but in reality she was very much disliked by her subjects), the many assassination plots (due to her unpopularity both within in her kingdom, as well as from power-hungry rivals, Catholics, Irish/Scottish/Welsh haters, and foreign nations), her religious ambiguity, the open invasion threats from Spain and France, her lack of marriage and issue, and her paranoid mindset (Walshingham’s spies)—-well, let’s just say that lady would have been very open to a “psychic” easing her mind by telling her everything would be alright so long as he was allowed to tell her which dress to wear, which place not to visit on the full moon, which lady in waiting was of the wrong star sign to trust, etc.

That also leads to another question—does Hillary have a personal medium? What about Angela Merkel?

* Queen Elizabeth had John Dee as her astrologer and advisor.

* I know a rich Jewish family in California who have their own holy men on retainer.

This family is the most rotten in the community. Truly terrible people.

When it comes to their magical holy man everybody knows that he is their puppet, not the other way around.

* Female rulers are a sign that the mandate of heaven has been lost and doom shall surely soon befall you. This is as the Marxist would say a historical inevitability. Any people who suffers to be ruled by a woman will be cursed. Doubly so those who actively CHOOSE to be ruled by one.

* New York Times in 1996: Dr. Houston, a 57-year-old author of 15 books who is admired by many adherents of the human potential movement and of New Age mysticism, made headlines over the weekend because of her work with another mainstream figure, Hillary Rodham Clinton. “Seances” were among the interpretations of sessions in which Dr. Houston and Mrs. Clinton supposedly conversed with Eleanor Roosevelt and Gandhi.

* Women have extremely fickle friendships compared to men; one woman described it to me in this way: “Women don’t have friends; they just have enemies they want to keep close for a little while.” Men tend to stay in contact with old buddies and will go out golfing with the same guy they played video games/baseball with when they were kids. Females, in contrast, compete with other women through social manipulation, which leads to a lot of hurt feelings and broken friendships (or, alternatively, the easy disregard of a friendship when the friends no longer run in the same circles).

But women tend to feel guilty and needy about not having a “deep” female confidante. So hustling female confidantes play on that and offer them a “deep” relationship to bilk them/control them. Or the confidantes are manipulative lesbians biding their time to hope/trick the powerful woman into a relationship.

Incidentally, this is why women tend to be the majority of authors/readers of “slash fiction.” Slash fiction is a genre of internet fan stories about famous pop culture male friends (e.g. Spock and Kirk, Holmes and Watson, Picard and Data, Pitt and Clooney’s characters from Ocean’s 11) that end up being homosexual love stories (I know, eww).

Women write and devour slash fiction tales, but they make no sense to men (and, again, the eww factor). It’s because women don’t “get” long-lasting male friendships, and so think it “must” be sexual, because that’s the only way they could ever stay so close to someone.

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