Hillary, Huma & Weiner

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* Weiner and Abedin are the new Paul Wolfowitz and Shaha Ali Riza.

* I heard from a wise friend that Huma and Antony are still married only to prevent testimony on one another.

* To Hillary, Weiner and Abedin don’t seem like weirdoes.

* Whereas to any normal person Weiner comes across as repellent both in looks and behavior.

* Do we Americans need to be exposed to this carnival freak show, this Confederacy of Dunces?

We do not.

It is well past time to elect leaders who will put Americans first. It is time to turn our backs on the cesspools that our ancestors climbed out of to come here — or the ones our ancestors, and we, never had anything to do with!

It is time for US to vote.

* If you watch the Weiner documentary, you definitely get the sense that they’re not married-married, and (surprising for me because I want to hate her) Huma comes off as a very sympathetic figure. She’s stuck with this narcissistic deviated prevert and really seems to make the best of it with a stiff upper lip and all that. In private she seems positively girly in a charming way, which I did not expect given her close association with uber-shrike HRC. You really do come away feeling that she’s a human being and he’s, well, the other thing. So, part of me hopes that she’s not the lone sacrificial goat who takes the hit for a vast criminal organization.

* Service to the Muslim Brotherhood means that a woman may have to do many distasteful things for the sake of Allah.

* I never thought the pairing was odd at all. Hillary needed for Huma to have a beard to dispel stories about her and Huma having a lesbian affair and Huma being a kept woman.

Enter the patsy, one Mr. Weiner, a ambitious, stupid and relatively clueless man desperate to climb the political ladder. Then installed in a lifeless and probably sexless marriage – everything goes well until he cracks.

Oh I doubt she could do any better in terms of a fake mate for a multitude of reasons. Most men simply have more self-respect than that, and simply sell out the old fashioned way to some monied interest so he gets the bucks and bimbos.

In religious terms, her fanatical family allowed it for one reason – it gave the KSA/MB direct intel as to what is happening in one of the most powerful families in D.C. For all intents she’s a Mata Hari. Otherwise she’d be found strangled to death in her parents home like so many other Muslima who stray.

* Apropos of Comey’s decision to go public with the reopening of the case against Hillary, and, apparently, against standard protocol and the urging of Loretta Lynch, I think the interpretation that makes most sense by far is the obvious one: the FBI has found something very significant in those emails, and he couldn’t justify doing anything else.

In the end, Comey has got to be concerned fundamentally with his own reputation. Suppose he believed that, in fact, in the end, these emails might well turn out to be nothing of consequence. Yet he has now violated the standard protocols and the DOJ admonishments, and has turned the election against Hillary at a critical juncture. Under those circumstances, when the day would arrive that the concern with the emails was dismissed, he would never be able to recover his reputation–he would become a legendary object of scorn. I just don’t see how a man in Comey’s position would ever take those steps.

People are imagining all sorts of bizarre scenarios under which Comey might be helping Hillary or helping Trump by this move, even though he knows that the emails are likely not significant. But the one thing that he won’t be able to do in either of those scenarios is save his own reputation — he will be demonized forever over any such clear chicanery. Nothing could make this worthwhile for a man in his position.

I infer from all this that Comey must believe that there are smoking guns in this batch of emails, and that the case for illegality is very strong. That is his only way out of this mess with his reputation intact.

* That’s why isolationism is a natural turn of events for the USA. Most people are tired of the M.E., and Europe has to solve its own squabbles. I mean, Old Ironsides was a great vessel to destroy the Barbary Coast nasties, but, heck, we have nukes, and, we don’t need Europe or the M.E. Everyone wants our soldiers out of the M.E. for good – the national debt is too high – “the rent is too damn high.” U.S. needs to rebuild the economy of the Rust-Belt and Plains States. The infrastructure must be rebuilt.

* The leading story on Google News right now is one from the Washington Post headlined “Trump’s bizarre claim that the Clinton email controversy is bigger than Watergate.”

A story that should utterly destroy Clinton’s chances at winning is somehow spun into a story against Trump. Only in today’s MSM.

* I’ve visited the Temple Mount twice, as is my right under the “status quo”. Before going up you get searched twice, once for weapons and once for prayer articles – they open your wallet to check you haven’t got a copy of grace after meals. Then you go up surrounded by a group of Israeli police armed with submachine guns pointed inwards at you whilst leering Arabs hurl abuse. The second time I was arrested for … kissing a rock with my hands and bowing slightly as I left. I’ve now signed a solemn statement promising never to act in such a disgraceful manner again. The UN resolution describes this as “far right extremists” “storming” the temple mount. So, yes, Italy can go F themselves.

* Part of the problem is that Abedin is romantically linked to Hillary. The inclination is to not fire your spouse, even if they are a screw-up, and this complicates efficient policy and administration and tangles lines of authority.

* It’s been my longstanding impression that contrary to what we hear about the Syrian mess being a “war for Israel” and so on, that the Israelis were actually vaguely supportive of the Assad regime in their pragmatic realpolitik way. From the Israeli point of view, they preferred Assad, as a religio-ethnic minority tyrant projecting power onto Syria’s religio-ethnic majority, to an alternative where the Syrian majority projects power against its neighbor Israel. And therefore the Israelis were not enthusiastic about the Obama-Hillary project of poking the Syrian hornet’s nest.

I actually partly agree with the Jew-phobes that the US often is too deferential to Israel and to (perceived) Jewish interests. It is ironic, therefore, that when the the US–well, Obama and Hillary, who aren’t really American, but you know what I mean–finally does act against Israeli interest, it does so in a way that is against US interest as well. In fact, that is the only unifying thread I have ever found in all of Obama’s and Hillary’s actions: they always do whatever they think will most harm America.

* Both women needed a beard and also felt they should have a child. Finding a man willing to marry them under such an unconventional circumstance entailed making compromises in the type of man available. Both ended up with sex-addict men with the understanding they could go their own way as long as they fulfilled the beard, career and child part of the bargain. However, both these men have turned out to be huge public embarrassments and real liabilities.
I understand that at the time of the creation of Israel the Saudi monarch was not particularly opposed to it. They’ve had to pay lip service towards Arab solidarity over the years just for political reasons but no official Saudi soldier has been killed fighting Israel in the years since. The Saudis do not trust the other Arabs who may want to see them toppled so for Israel to keep them all in disarray works in their favor. Of course Huma lets her family members know what’s going on and they in turn pass it on. The connection is worth it’s weight in gold so they’re delighted that their daughter made the supreme sacrifice with her body to help them in this way.

* It should be noted that in the first open mommy v. daddy election that the ‘take downs’ resemble something out of the family courts. The orchestrated release of the Access Hollywood tapes and then the “11 women to come forward” smells of high conflict divorce proceeding replete with Gloria Allred appearing publicly with the broken housewife (albeit it one who was a washed up porn star). There is zero chance that there could be a legal action with any of these women; their only purpose is to gain leverage, but rather than custody or alimony the prize is thwarting the Donald’s Presidential bid. Even the pukey Alicia Machado- Miss Piggy – eating machine crisis of a month ago (which has disappeared) came across like a jilted past lover with an ax to grind.

The funny thing is that this could come down to Anthony Wiener playing the one last card in his hand. No doubt, Huma is drilling him for custody, visitation, alimony, and the family assets. Based on what he has been accused of, his chances in court are slim and his future looks like a metaphoric cremation followed by a secret burial with no headstone. Huma’s future is to live out her life with her true love and all the cash and prizes, just like many divorces. In most divorces this would be where the husband outs the wife’s drug use or promiscuous lifestyle but in Huma’s case it is protecting her employer’s / mentors criminal enterprise. Usually, it is the man’s job that ace’s him out. In this case it is her’s.

For multiple reasons, this was the absolute best time for Huma to dump Weiner. They have only been married 6 years so there is no long term marriage (assuming NY is like California). Her income stood to leap up due to her central position in the pay to play insider deals while his looked like they were heading South for good. This means there would be no possibility of alimony for Huma or a settlement that would have gotten her free of alimony. Using the leverage of the underage texting, that pretty much killed Weiner’s ability to get anything more than supervised visits thereby killing child support. This was THE opportunity to dump him, only she had some skeletons in the closet too. The couple deserved each other.

* Hillary shares the establishment view of Israel as an obsolete ethnostate, which fortunately has the West Bank Arabs to prevent it lasting very long as a Jewish entity. Pleasure-seeking US Jews are going along with US foreign policy through incomprehension of its objectives. Ehud Barak knew better, and that is why he offered more that anyone before or since in return for finally settling the status of Arabs in the West Bank.

* Perhaps, but by the time of the documentary, it’s several years since they wed and their child is a toddler. Their body language certainly doesn’t convey that these are two people who are lovers – she’s often in a closed posture (arms crossed across her body defensively, leaning away from him) and I don’t think you ever really see any physical affection. You get the sense that he’d be all over her (or anyone else the least bit willing) but she doesn’t remotely reciprocate. Part of it seems to be that Weiner doesn’t possess the ability to interpret other people’s emotions, facial expressions, and body language – there’s one part where he’s re-watching his disastrous performance being interviewed on MSNBC by Lawrence O’Donnell and laughing at his obstinance while Huma is obviously crestfallen and embarrassed for him he just can’t seem to understand it. (This is, of course, at a time when one would think he’d be especially sensitive to his wife’s emotional state because he had just been caught for the second time).

Now, it is possible that this is because she’s been attending to her mistress in and around DC and he’s been left to his own devices in NYC for a while and they never had an extended period of being stuck together and living a married life.

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