The Black Balloon

Email: Hello Luke: I’m not really sure you will read this email but I hope you do or at least that the message is passed to you. My name is Madalena, I’m 14 years old and I’m from Portugal. I just really want to congratulate you on your amazing performance as Charlie in The Black Balloon. It is among my favourite films! My mum has an institution for people with autism and other brain diseases like that. I’m kind of used to see and be with people with autism but I never realized how difficult life could be for them and for everybody around them. I think the film passes a really sweet message of love. It must be really hard for Thomas and all the other brothers and sisters around the world. I’m going to be honest: I haven’t watched any other film on which you performed. I’m planning on it but for now I just really wanna say that that role proved your amazing skills as an actor. I wanna be an actress myself. It’s going to be quite difficult because cinema is not very developed here in Portugal so I’m planning to go study to England or the USA. If you have any tips to give me I would love to receive them because I admire you very very much. I wish you good luck in your career and life in general. You’re really talented and I hope I can one day play such a challenging character as Charlie. I would love to talk to you some day so if you ever come to Portugal don’t keep it a secret. Email me if you can. I swear there are almost no paparazzi here. I would love to show you the city and take you to all the places a tour guide won’t.

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