Hillary Held Hostage

Steve Sailer writes:

As we saw this weekend, however, Muslim terrorism is a more worrisome problem for Hillary. I would imagine that she has friends in the Persian Gulf who have assured her that they’ve directed their efforts to export their domestic troublemakers away from the U.S. through Nov. 8.

But America now has a more-than-adequate supply of angry young Muslims. And the more the terrorier.

Hillary and her allies in the news media are adamant about keeping voters from noticing that more Muslim immigrants means more terrorists. Correlation doesn’t prove causation! But that kind of pro-stupidity argumentation gets tiresome.

Since this weekend, Mrs. Clinton has been furiously trying to signal to the Potential Muslim Terrorist community that they’re just helping Trump. But the Allahu Akbar crowd tends to respond to its own erratic internal urges, so it’s by no means clear if she can talk all of them into delaying their next acts of butchery until after the election.

Or maybe she can convince voters that immigrant Muslim terrorists are false flags that are part of the vast Putin-Trump conspiracy?

In my new Taki’s Magazine column, “Hillary Held Hostage,” I point out that Hillary has put herself at the mercy of events by her refusal to moderate her pro-BLM and pro-Muslim immigration stances.

Tonight, events don’t seem to be flowing in Hillary’s favor in Charlotte in the key battleground state of North Carolina. Or then again maybe Hillary knows best and this kind of looting will turn out her black base?

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