Google & Our Brave New Diverse World

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* This is my biggest fear, coming to life incrementally: To wit, “He who controls the programmers, controls the future.”

And right now, our evil leftist overlords control the programmers.

Mucking up history to come up with a ridiculous list of black nobodies to assuage the infinitely delicate sensibilities of “African Americans” may seem relatively innocuous, but to me it is a very foreboding sign of things to come.

What happens when they start automating judges? Policemen (think Robocop)? Legislation? College applicants? Job applicants? Immigration/refugee applicants? Think Diversity™ is bad now? Wait until Disparate Impact has been hard-coded into the black-box algorithms mandated by the (((lefties))) at FedGoogle Inc. At least now we have some humans involved who might show some better judgment in the face of pressure to hire/find innocent wildly unqualified/guilty POCs instead of competent/innocent white guys. But when AI’s dictating these things?

Consider Google’s response when accused of manipulating auto-suggest results unfavorable to Hillary Clinton: “You silly goys with your crazy conspiracy theories–you’re just too stupid to understand the pure, unbiased logic of our super advanced algorithms. What are you, anti-science?”

Think this situation is going to improve, get worse, or stay the same as we move forward into our Brave New Diverse World?

* In another fifty years, the great Sudanese-American inventor, Ahmad Muhammad from Texas will top Google’s alternative reality rankings (generated using oppression-free weights). He faced much persecution as a teenage Muslim inventor. He suffered great ignominies such as being marched to the police station after one of his great inventions triggered a bomb scare precipitating a self-imposed exile in Qatar. Ibtihaj Muhammad, the great fencer, will be remembered for generations while Michael Phelps will barely deserve a mention. Allah is indeed great. He has made the Dhimmi immensely stupid.

* According to family, Minnesota Somali stabber was just going to the T-Mobile in the mall in St. Cloud to get an iPhone. They don’t know what set him off at the mall.

I’m guessing it was racist whites who started it and poor Adan was just a victim of intolerant whites. There’s gotta be a lawsuit initiated!

* Well, by 2020 you’ll be able to buy all those black inventions, and a George Washington Carver peanut butter sandwich, with a Harriet Tubman $20.

Another decade or so and the Ministry of Truth will have airbrushed American history to the point where the only whites in it will be Klansmen.

* I think part of it is the attitude of fear not just of what one’s peers will think, but rather of starting a conflict with another ethnic group who take refutation of the faith as fighting words.

We can see this clearly in Hilary being able to amazingly claim that Trump is the reason America is at risk from Islamic terrorism. (As if the ability of Muslims to translate ‘disrespect’ into political terrorism doesn’t give impetus to Trump’s message)

People know it’s nonsense, but what a person believes has always been a combination of personal reflection, experience and social and hierarchical pressure. People are perfectly capable of knowing that being ethnically displaced is bad and ultimately won’t do much for the world, but at the same time know to say or think that marks one as bad.

People know that Putin is just another authoritarian Russian leader, not Satan and that what he’d like the US to stop doing in the Middle East is what most Americans would like too. But they also know, like Jennifer Epstein, that he is unspecifably evil and global in his ambitions. Jennifer Epstein went to Princeton, you know?

That’s why so many in establishment in Britain, even those who argued against it, didn’t nuke Brexit and seem fairly contented with it. They desperately wanted somebody to make the decision for them, they wanted somebody to end the beginning. The tension is killing them, like everyone else.

I’d say a non-trivial number of people can’t bring themselves to vote for Trump out of self-identity and conscience, but secretly hope he wins. They can’t pull the trigger themselves, but they hope somebody does.


* The reason you get these skewed results is because of something we might call educational frontlash.

In other words, we all know in real life that there’s a dearth of positive contributions by minorities and women in most fields. But if we re-write history so that all the really important stuff was done by minorities and women, that may serve as an inspiration for more women and minorities to go out there and make the next big innovations, and become part of the educational and economic elite. Thus, in the end, we will achieve equality of results.

The underlying idea is that the “real world” shortfall in accomplishments by the designated groups is due to a number of factors: hatred, discrimination, lead paint, lack of educational opportunity, lack of money, and androcentric science. And we can address all of those in due course. But the lack of role models is also important, and we have to have these role models out there so that members of the designated groups will be encouraged to follow their footsteps.

I personally think the idea is nonsense. The great innovators are usually obsessed about X, Y, or Z. They are generally asocial awkward and keep to themselves. Not because they are “nerds”: the name comes only after they follow their inclination, which is to spend all of their time obsessing over X, Y, or Z, and never mind the social consequences. And that’s why the project fails. I mean you can either watch Monday Night Football or you can work on your abstract obsession. By definition, 99.9% of people are going to watch the game. You just can’t teach people to be this way.

BTW, I always admired George Washington Carver. The guy came from a tough background, was raised by his (I believe Swiss German) adoptive parents, and worked really hard to develop his intellectual abilities in life. Actually, I don’t believe he accomplished very much, although he had a variety of talents.

* The project to dumb down our schools and universities to try to improve the self-esteem of Blacks students piggy backed on the original Brown vs. Board of Education ruling in 1954. As an ideological assumption, Blacks suffered from a deficit of self-esteem due to lifetimes of oppression by Whites and their intimidating European culture. If they had better self-esteem, it was assumed, Blacks would be better prepared to mainstream American (a.k.a. European) culture and its schools.

The solution was to PRETEND that Blacks have always been in the mainstream; that is, great scientists, great mathematicians, great inventors, etc., in the European tradition. In fact, we’ll teach that in the schools. Rest assured there will be no issues affecting the self-esteem of White students upon learning that Whites made only marginal contributions to Western civilization because White children, as we all know, are born with high self-esteem. This comes with what they now call White Privilege.

Progress? Years ago, the Washington DC school system decided that low self-esteem was a major factor in the dismal performance of students in its schools. So, they passed out “A”s like candy under the assumption that, if the students felt really good about themselves, it would create a better environment for learning — the Power of Positive Thinking or something like that. The opposite occurred. “If I’m already getting “A”s”, the students reasoned, “Why study?” As of 2015, the Washington DC school system was ranked as the second worst school system in the United States.

* Look at ESPN. It used to be nothing more than an apolitical sports highlight reel; then it jettisoned its ex-jocks like Kurt Schilling. Hired a bunch of women who know nothing about sports. And are not even funny and working class like Ring Lardner or HL Mencken. ESPN is nothing but SJW lecture fests all the time. As the NFL has more and more women working there and influencing the owners, it has gone full SJW and Colin Kaepernick all the time.

The list of Black achievement outside music and sports is non-existent. But White women particularly the Upper Class are all in with investing in the fantasy, not the least of which is their anger at the feminized, placating, pedestalizing, appeasing nature of their male peers. The fantasy of Black scientific and mathematical and engineering achievement means too much to White women. They feel that their defacto alliance with Blacks, Muslims, Gays etc. is marching forward and their personal wealth and security won’t be at risk since Clock Boy and George Foreman are more than proper replacements for the Wrights, William Shockley, etc.

* Google is just following the long trend. In university, we’d hear on one hand how the awful the Greeks were for ushering in western civ and on the other how wonderful the Islamic world was for saving Aristotle. Many of the people who are looking for African inventors probably spent a lot of their time complaining about destructive technology.

* There’s been a slow but steady trickle of articles about how “algorithms be racist and sheeeit”. It’s not crazy to think that some of the reality-based, bayesian rationalist careful thinkers at google have taken it upon themselves to actively steer the algorithms to output “socially desirable” search results.

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