ESPN: “Baseball — It’s a White Man’s Game by Design”

Steve Sailer writes: …the Moneyball revolution has led to the hiring for front office jobs of a lot more guys who look like Jonah Hill than guys who look like Howard Bryant. But Mr. Bryant’s anger at all the Jonah Hill-types now getting front office jobs isn’t anti-Semtitic, so don’t get mad at him. He’s anti-white, so that means he is good…

The best baseball player of this decade is Mike Trout, who is headed for having the highest Wins Above Replacement statistic in American League for the fifth consecutive season. Trout just turned 25, so he is on pace to be one of the top ten players ever, perhaps the best.

But that just shows how racist baseball is.


* Yet another relatively intelligent, well compensated Negro hammering home the point: You owe us, and infinity isn’t enough, White boy.

Words are like currency — they are subject to inflation. In that regard Negro complaints are akin to the Zimbabwean dollar. Worthless.

Infinity isn’t enough, so zero should do just fine.

Give a shrug, my fellow deplorables. Then laugh when the world crashes at your feet.

* Hispanic players are just doing jobs blacks won’t do.

* a deafening silence of incuriosity — The author is the kind of guy who thinks this kind of writing makes sense and marks him as an intellectual. It makes him sound pretentious and rather silly. There are several other examples in the article, e.g., “soil”? As in “ground”? Please.

Actually I read the ballplayer’s comments and I think what he meant to say is that there won’t be any Kaepernick’s in baseball because it is dominated by whites, in a way that neither football or basketball are. However, because his reasoning is as casual and as loud as his clothes, he just said, “It’s a white man’s game.” There’s nothing deep here.


saying that the game lacks the untouchable wealth of black superstar power

He didn’t say that, and if there was a black guy who could pitch like Kershaw or hit like Trout he’d be lionized. As it is, McCutcheon is rightly praised but he’s just not that great.

play the game the right way — repels the stylish flairs of a modern player, kids raised in a time of selfies and TV highlights

So, in other words, baseball doesn’t have as much showboating and histrionics as the NBA and the NFL, which black people are really good at. Point taken. Point also not wanted.

* That’s a common feature of professional black writing and speech. There are all kinds of locutions, metaphors, and allusions used that make no sense semantically.

* I’m past way past Negro Fatigue. More like negro AIDS at this point.

* It seems like almost any publication you pick up has this same tone now.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a magazine about archaeology or a copy of Cat Fancy…. They all seem to shoehorn identity politics into the stories and columns somehow.

More than anything, I just find it very weird. Maybe about five years or so ago, all sorts of stuff happening in the culture has started making me feel like something has changed dramatically.

It was always there, but more of a subculture around universities and political gays. But it has become so prevalent now. Even my parents small town newspaper reads like a copy of some sociology trade publication.

I can’t explain why this has happened so suddenly. I feel uneasy about it all (I guess that’s the point…to make me uneasy) I can’t see anything good coming from it all.

It makes for dull reading too.

* The GOP can’t “reach out” to blacks, because they would alienate too much of their base.

The main black political priorities include:
-An activist federal government
-Restraints on policing
-More social spending
-Disarming white suburbanites
-Eliminating “white privilege”
-Affirmative Action
-Increased Section 8
-Government jobs

And for a significant minority of blacks there are these:
-Mass immigration from Africa
-Foreign aid to Africa
-Tolerance for Islam

These priorities have existed for years outside of the party activists and politicians. The basic priorities of conservatives, such as a reduced federal government and resistance to affirmative action, are impossible to square with the overwhelming majority of blacks in America.

If the GOP was interested in peeling off an additional section of black voters, they would be promising a new WPA/CCC, paying for it with cuts to the DoD. They could also ease up on punishing government employees as a class, instead targeting the tax advantages held by the top .1%.

* I’ve noticed lots of baseball chat in recent years from ESPN, Deadspin, etc., expressing how utterly life-affirming and inspiring it is when a player engages in showboating (e.g. standing at home plate and admiring a home run, and/or doing an ostentatious bat flip). It’s presented as standing up to The Man (who is maybe the ghost of Ted Williams, or whoever is in charge of How Baseball Should Be Played), and moving baseball forward into The Current Year.

* Showboating in baseball still carries risk. Oops, that 98 mph fastball got away from me!

* This is the face I see when I think of the the boot stomping on my face forever…it’s Howard Bryant, the black gay man in my nightmares.

Adam Jones can be counted on to chase strike 3 in the dirt with the bases loaded. Every single time. He has no discipline. I wonder why.

Baseball is a very difficult game and the brothers ain’t got time fo dat. Naturals like Griffey and Strawberrry come along every few years but it’s not a black sport bc it’s too damn hard.

* I read a piece wondering about declining black participation in baseball, and it quoted some black sports figure saying that it’s because it’s a game often taught by fathers to sons, and most black kids are not raised by their fathers anymore, unlike whites and latinos. Seemed to be as good of an explanation as any.

* Recently there was a “season opening” reception for the Redskins football team in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia. From the news photo, the team looked like a loose collection of gangbangers from the hood … perhaps representative of the NFL today. It is not too far a stretch to expect many to them to have moved their turf battles from the hood to the stadium, with the “Man” increasingly the target as it appears to be in most places as the result of Obama’s enabling policies.

* I went to integrated grade and high schools and part of every day was given over to trying to disambiguate the “locutions, metaphors and allusions” of black kids who would launch verbal tirades against their friends. Generally, they contributed little to class, but it was entertaining when they went at each other. Rap only formalized what blacks had been doing for a long time. Verbal sparring is their game, and they play no-holds-barred, which meant plenty of nonsense thrown in just because of the rhythm and rhyme of whatever musical turn of phrase was in synch with their limited grasp of a word’s meaning. Very creative, in a limited way. I once heard a black kid use the term “speed thermometer” when he was referring to a speedometer. Okay–pretty clever really–but still……I guess that learning the correct term would be “coded language — play[ing] the game the right way” and that would be–in unison now–racissssss.

* The long march through the institutions is complete.

* You think he was hired and promoted based on his critical thinking skills?

* I’m a sportsball fan. It has always been a nice escape. Plus, I started doing math as a kid using sportsball stats. To keep me from taking stuff apart, my father would have me work math problems using the box scores from sportsball games.

I had to stop watching basketball years ago due to the constant sermons. I now watch exclusively through the stat sheet. The NFL has become WWE/UFC and now it is the SJW League. I pretty much just watch college football, but follow the NFL through my fantasy team.

That leaves Honkey Ball and hockey, which have remained relatively normal, but that’s changing. ESPN put a shrieking harpy in the booth for Sunday Night Honky Ball games. It’s the typical Power Skirt, but she pretends to know the game like a pro and I guess were supposed to pretend along with her, but it is too ridiculous to tolerate.

Looks like it is hockey, where the only black thing is the puck.

P.S. I’m surprised no one as mentioned Bryant’s wife beating problem. He got jammed up for strangling his old lady on a city street and then played the race card to avoid punishment

ESPN’s Howard Bryant gets probation on domestic assault charges

Just over three months after being arrested on several charges, including assaulting his wife, committing battery on a police officer and resisting arrest outside a western Massachusetts pizzeria, the case against ESPN senior writer Howard Bryant ended on Friday when he agreed to serve six months of pretrial probation.

If Bryant, 42, completes the probation, he will have no criminal record of the charges, according to Fred Contrada of The (Springfield, Mass.) Republican. But Greenfield District Court Judge William Mazanec advised Bryant that the charges could be brought up again if he violates any law during his probation period.

Bryant’s attorney Buz Eisenberg and prosecutor Jeremy C. Bucci signed an agreement indicating the evidence does not support the witness allegations that Bryant struck and choked his wife, Veronique. Bryant, however, admits police had probable cause to arrest him.

Contrada also reports Bryant apologized for giving the impression that race played a part in the actions of police, although the agreement states that he “believes that racism in any form diminishes all members of a community.”

Bryant’s arrest stems from a a Feb. 26 incident outside a Buckland Pizzeria in Buckland, Mass. when multiple witnesses called to say Bryant put his hands around a woman’s neck. When authorities arrived, he refused an officer’s order and struck one of them in the chest, according to a Massachusetts State Police spokesman at the time.

Two weeks after the incident, on March 12, Bryant began writing again for ESPN. A company spokesman Josh Krulewitz told USA TODAY at that time, “We continue to monitor the situation as it progresses through the legal process.”

Bryant is a frequent contributor to ESPN’s The Sports Reporters, he has written three books and he worked at several newspapers before joining ESPN in 2007.

* Black guys simply are more likely to play football or basketball instead. High school coaches make good athletes of any color commit to one sport pretty much by sophomore year. The idea of being a pro in any sport is a longshot. But baseball makes it’s players go through usually 3 or more years of minors before you get to the show. The NBA and NFL use college as their minor leagues. And even with that baseball has no problem getting lots of Latinos , both American and from Latin America.

Baseball is losing popularity generally, not only in black communities. Racism has nothing to do with it. Frankly find baseball very long and boring anyway. It’s tedious in an era of video games. Was a time not long ago would watch Yankee games every night; haven’t watched on in 2 or 3 years. Basketball and football are really more fun to watch and play. The Yankees own in partnership with an English soccer team an MLS franchise which is drawing very well in the Bronx. May not happen in my lifetime, but at some point soccer is going to catch up. People have always claimed the NFL would put a team in London, but now more likely the EPL or another Euro league will put a few teams in the US. Too much money for it not to happen.

* If they ever bring the supersonic airliner back, an English Premiere League team in New York would definitely happen.

At subsonic speeds the travel time problem is pretty bad, though. Yet, the Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Giants moved to California in 1958, a year before jetliner service, forcing the other teams in the National League to make long trips to California via propeller Constellations. But the 707 jetliner came into service in 1959, linking the coasts.

The record for JFK-Heathrow for a current generation technology plane with tremendous west-to-east tailwinds is 5 hours and 16 minutes. But a Concorde did it in 2 hours and 53 minutes.

The scheduled time JFK – Heathrow is 7 hours and 24 minutes.

* The most popular African sport was baseball, until integration. Hard to imagine now. Facts are stubborn things. The laws of unintended consequences are what they are, not what the SJW wants them to be. The whole world is coming here to play baseball.

* Whites decided to integrate baseball (a sport that whites invented). It’s the same for everything dealing with civil rights. Slavery ended because whites ended it. Whites decided that blacks should be allowed to vote. Whites ended segregation.

Now, a black sportswriter is complaining because baseball does not “attract” enough blacks. Why should baseball have to change to attract blacks? No one stops blacks from playing baseball at any level. If you’re good enough, you get paid millions of dollars to play a game and they don’t care what color you are.

White people invented baseball, football, and basketball; and created the leagues; and built the stadiums; and invented the televisions, cameras, and all of the other technology that makes it possible to broadcast major sporting events, and blacks are complaining not even about the choices of sports that they can play but that one sport does not do a good enough job of enticing blacks to dominate that sport at the professional level.

When blacks play sports that whites invented, aren’t they appropriating white culture?

* “These are the gestures we say we respect: the tough, uncompromising American virtue of commitment and conviction, of making it plain in the face of opposition and being right.”

I know what Howie means. Just the other day, I gave a white power salute in solidarity with the black power saluters in the NFL. In front of a bunch of Jews and blacks. They were all high-fiving me for my tough, uncompromising commitment and conviction, my solidarity with blacks and Jews; for having the guts to do for myself and my race what blacks were doing for themselves and theirs, what Jews and Israelis do for themselves and theirs, etc.

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