Bill Looks Like Death

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* Bill Clinton looks bad, is no longer useful on the trail, and alive doesn’t add a lot of value. A dead Bill Clinton would garner a huge sympathy vote. I wonder how many Dem operatives, other than Hillary, have considered this option.

* The reference was to Bill, who is indeed looking cadaverous. The poor man is literally wasting away before our eyes. James Woods tweeted that it was obvious Clinton was very ill and he would no longer be making any derogatory remarks about him. James Woods is a good observer of human behavior.

Speaking of “Elderly Tourette’s,” it was fun to see Old Bill wander off script and lash out at black thuggery several months back.

For me, the big tip-off was the fact that they are ferrying Hillary around in an enormous (medical supplies, wheelchair) conversion granny van. She is no longer able to leverage her body out of a sedan, and can no longer step up to get in an SUV.

Trump, like a lot of successful people, paces himself very well.

* I am pretty sure that dipping Bill Clinton’s balls in some sort of poison will be totally ineffective at getting at Hillary.

* She has been running as “Hillary” since her first campaign, at the turn of the millennium:

Her campaign emblem, this year, of course, is an “H” rather than a “C”:

I predicted, last year, that Mrs. Clinton, if she won the presidency, on Tuesday, November 8, 2016, would hold a press conference, on Wednesday, November 9, 2016, and begin it with the formal proclamation that she was to be referred to as “President-elect Hillary Rodham.”

Has anyone (else) noticed the e-mail addresses that she used on the family’s private server?

Those are the two e-mail addresses that I have seen, both derived from her maiden name– which she only relinquished using publicly in 1982, and for purely political reasons:

* “Personally, I’m a big fan of Elderly Tourette’s Syndrome because I enjoy hearing what famous people really think.”

I am too, we saw this recently with actress Charlotte Rampling (age 70) when she said the Oscar boycott was racism directed toward whites. I believe my father, age 65, is now starting to suffer from Elderly Tourette’s Syndrome. While driving with him around my neighbourhood, he felt the need to continually comment that it was disheartening to see so many blacks and “mud people” in the area.

* Thus, on Monday, the media became obsessed with forcing Mike Pence to officially “deplore” David Duke, who was last elected to office during the 1980s.

It’s part of the media helping Hillary to walk back her comment that half of Trump’s voters are deplorable. I noticed on the news updates they are saying Trump is accusing Hillary of castigating “some” of his supporters. Some? She said half. Where I come from half is not some. Half is half, which is a lot.

So bringing out Duke is a way to tell people that some Trump supporters are scumbags while not reminding those people that Hillary thinks they are scumbags too.

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