Victory against Rams doesn’t teach us much about 49ers

Why is Los Angeles Rams coach Jeff Fisher considered great? His lifetime winning percentage as a head coach in the NFL is .524. He’s a Jason Garrett.

Lowell Cohn writes:

I praise the 49ers for winning 28-0, but I refuse to take them seriously.

Few teams in the NFL exist at the 49ers level or below, a level that does not admit the light of day. The Niners lucked out in playing one of those teams. The team lower than them is the Los Angeles Rams, so bad L.A. should send them back to St. Loo…

The Rams have no quarterback. Oh, they have a guy, Case Keenum, but he is not worth discussing. The Rams also have Jared Goff from Cal, the first player taken in this year’s draft. The Rams gave up lots of draft picks for Goff, setting them back for years. But Goff did not dress for the game. Couldn’t beat out Keenum who is not worth discussing.

So, I praise the Niners for winning, even though the game was among the worst in the annals of sport, and totally unwatchable. The Rams and Niners actually prepared for this one? But I refuse to take them seriously.

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