VOX: The NFL is 67% black. Diversity hasn’t helped white players and coaches understand racism.

Left-wing Jew David Leonard writes:

Proximity to African Americans doesn’t guarantee understanding, empathy, or even respectful deference — even in a space like the NFL, where white athletes are outnumbered by black ones.

This conversation has been a reminder that — no matter how ideal the conditions for compassion, understanding, or support — when it comes to acknowledgement of the existence of racism and assessments of appropriate responses to it, many white Americans cling to the privilege of keeping their own scoreboards.

From Breitbart:

ESPN Praises Colin Kaepernick as He Takes a Knee During National Anthem

Colin Kaepernick took a knee during the national anthem before the San Francisco 49ers home opener at Levi’s Stadium.
As violinist Lindsey Stirling played “The Star Spangled Banner,” Kaepernick and teammate Eric Reid remained on a knee. The players protested as military personnel held up a football-field-sized flag feet above the field. A banner in the seats at one end zone read: “Home of the Faithful.”

At least four other players offered other protests.

San Francisco linebacker Eli Harold and safety Antoine Bethea raised black-power fists during the song. Los Angeles Rams defensive end Robert Quinn and wide receiver Kenny Britt also held up fists.

Britt made the hands-up-don’t-shoot gesture two seasons ago along with several teammates when the Rams played in St. Louis in response to the police shooting of Ferguson, Missouri, teenager Michael Brown. Teammate Stedman Bailey, who joined that protest, lost his NFL career last season when criminals struck him twice in the head with bullets fired during a drive-by shooting in Miami Gardens, Florida. Bailey survived the shooting and serves as a student-assistant coach at West Virginia University.

ESPN noted that a fan reacted to Monday night’s demonstration by yelling, “Kaepernick, why don’t you stand up?” The network also showed teammates hugging the backup quarterback after the anthem and numerous fans receiving autographs from Kaepernick and posing for selfies with him before the game.

ESPN color commentator Steve Young praised Kaepernick as “thoughtful” after the anthem. “It’s really raised consciousness,” he claimed, “and it’s a wonderful thing.” Play-by-play man Chris Berman credited Kaepernick with opening up a national “discussion.”

At the conclusion of the previous Monday Night Football game between the Steelers and Redskins, announcers Jon Gruden and Sean McDonough praised Steelers lineman Alejandro Villanueva, who served three tours of duty in Afghanistan, by noting that he sang along with the anthem before the game.

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* Also, sportswriting is one of the saddest careers for men out there that most men think would be awesome.

The guys who end up as sportswriters were the waterboys and timekeepers back in high school and college—-couldn’t make the team, but desperately worshiped the players, and thought that helping the team made them “one of the jocks.” The jocks laughed at them, but they pretended not to notice.

Later, they get a job as a sports reporter, and yippee! Get paid to watch sports and write about sports! Hooray!

Except, as time goes on, they start to notice things. Like how shitty they get paid. How the players don’t respect them. How the players aren’t cool guys, but overgrown children with natural talent. How the players cheat on their wives, throw games, and use steroids. How life on the road as a reporter is cool at first and then wears you out.

And then there’s the stories they have to write–all cliche, no substance. Write something too critical of a black player or black behavior, and you’ll be tarred as a racist and never work again. Same with a female athlete and sexist.

Try to write about a player having a bad night because his wife slept with someone else on the team, and the article won’t get through, and the player will go after you and you’ll be banned from the lockerroom—cutting your career off.

And don’t even think about investigating or writing about players throwing games or using steroids. No reporter ever gets to break that story. Nope, the league must announce it first, and then you can write about the aftermath….so long as you downplay it.

And your stories must always push the Leftist Agenda—blacks either superior or oppressed; women as good as men; all races as equal, etc.

So your stories become the same old tripe and nonsense, year after year. Nothing ever changes, you never evolve beyond a certain point.

Sportswriters end up one of two ways: True Believers and Drunk Cynics.

True Believers are like Bill Simmons, who promoted Obama, worships NBA players, and constantly covers up Black Bad Behavior; their cult-like blindness is self-induced and is foremost evidence of brainwashed Crimestop.

Drunk Cynics just hate themselves for being nothing more than copywriters for advertising for people to watch Local Sports Team, which they know is filled with horrible human beings just playing a silly kid’s game.

The sad fate of a sportswriter? Here’s one I saw: Bob Ryan. For decades, he was the basketball writer in Boston for the Celtics, and co-wrote many a players’ biography, including Larry Bird’s. He retired in the last few years and released a memoir of his years of service, and appeared at Barnes & Nobles in the Boston area to promote it.

I happened to walk in to a B&N to buy a book when I saw the promotion there. There was the legendary Bob Ryan, award-winning sports “journalist,” sitting behind a table—-with the entire seating area empty and no one in line to see him. And his promotion had started a half-hour or so before hand. All alone, old, and completely unfamous. He looked miserable as he checked his phone.

He sold his soul….for nothing.

* Proximity to White Americans hasn’t guaranteed understanding, empathy, or even respectful deference – at least not in case of David Leonard.

* No, proximity to African Americans doesn’t guarantee that bunch of extremely unlikely outcomes; what it does guarantee is awareness of their stupidity, mendacity, venality, childishness and impulsiveness, plus that tendency toward the old ultra-v and the fact that few of them are committed to team, at any deep level. This is typical: the liberal ardor for blackness is based on distance from it, idealization of it, and blindness to it. White NFL players know enough to keep their mouths shut and their thoughts private, to keep the big bucks and all the p—y coming. Liberals, including the ignorant Barrack Obama who has never lived among actual Negroes and knows nothing about them, don’t. ANYBODY who has worked in a diversity-mandated office knows that most are sub-standard, that their work product must be redone quietly by white people, and that making a fuss about it is a good, fast way to the career graveyard.

* I think the problem is that professional sports has become sorted out racially, with whites being overwhelmingly the financial support, while POC’s are, in most sports, the main athletic stock.

So when Kaepernick and other Players of Color disrespect the Anthem, etc., especially over something like #BLM, they are saying: “We are black and opposed to the status quo” which reminds the audience that they are mostly white, and basically just want to be entertained with a contest that underlines their sense of civic pride.

That’s bound to lead to some polarization. Especially when a number of the protesters are essentially morons and make comments on social media (like, “taking down the criminal justice system”) which are hyperbolic, histrionic, and patently ridiculous.

Thus politicizing sporting events is racially polarizing. Disrespecting this country and the sense of community that sporting events are supposed to represent is a huge turnoff to a lot of people in this country.

* I have a friend who works “producing content” for the website of one of the big four professional sports leagues, and he was indeed the equipment manager for the high school baseball team.

* Or you could just waste your time on Twitter or watch Netflix, which is basically what people who profess to be above watching sports do.

I agree that watching sports is a waste of time, but these holier than thou types on the right are insufferable. Who the hell are they kidding? Nobody believes for a second that they’re busy learning a new language or reading Gibbon. They’re internet addicts frittering their time on Twitter and listening to obscure podcasts.

* Quit being backseat quarterbacks and show the NFL how it should be done by turning VOX into a majority black organization staffed up with non-traditionally educated blacks pulled up from the ghetto by your crack team of talent scouts.

* Spectator sports and sports fandom are diverting our group bonding desire and team into something stillborn. I think if we eliminate that diversion, those energies are bound to find a more productive outlet, push us into finding one.

* Jim Goad a member of the Alt-Right likes to brag that he lives among way more Blacks than Barack Hussein Obama ever has. Jim Goad lives in Stone Mountain, Georgia which is a whopping 75% Black. Hussein grew up in Honolulu which is only a measly 1% Black.

Barack Hussein Obama the Mulatto limousine liberal elitist would not be caught dead moving to 75% Black Stone Mountain. Once he leaves The White House he has a home waiting for him in an affluent White DC suburb.

* Telling White Dudes they have to have “respectful deference” to Black dudes is pretty much a recipe for a fight; or at the very least incitement to pretty much every White Dude on the planet to be “racist” or maybe “rayyyyccccciiiiisssss” since that’s better than being someone’s groveling serf.

Why the hell should anyone be “respectfully deferential?” Tell that to Bill Belichick. Or John Harbaugh. Or Rex Ryan. Or Bruce Arians. Or Nick Saban. Or I imagine, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Philip Rivers, and Eli Manning.

Black people and their SWPL anti-White working class allies in the Sportainment Industry are pushing things too hard. “Paul Kersey” as SBDL thinks we have reached peak NFL, he may be right. At least in part, the NFL has failed to expand internationally because Europeans and Chinese and Mexicans don’t really worship Blacks that much. Rather, they have fairly negative views on Black people as a whole.

Professional sports and the NFL in particular is regimented and hierarchical. And there is a difference between racial insults hurled at someone and having to grovel and bow just because that someone is Black.

Telling White coaches and players particularly the stars who do stuff Black QBs really can’t (a quick read and hitting the open man) to grovel just gets their back up. Telling the White fans to grovel makes them tune out.

There are a gazillion sports alternatives: NASCAR, Golf, a million streams on Liveleak if you have a Roku, etc. If the NFL is just Thug Anti-White Anti-Flag Whitey baiting, making the fat old farts who own the teams and crave respectability, above “guaranteed” profits, then it will go the way of Boxing and Professional Race Walking.

* These NFL morons “exercising their rights” as per usual, have no sense of irony.

If this is such a rotten, evil, racist country, why are they allowed the “right” to spit on the flag and those who died for it? Why dies “Racist America” permit them to protest? Wouldn’t they be penalized for doing so if America was what they say it is?

They and their supporters are too stupid to grasp this truth.

* The level of “black lady doctors” marrying lower-IQ tough guys seems to be a combination of things:

(1) These affirmative action doctors are not as smart as the average doctor. (Q:”What do they call the person who finishes last in the medical school class? A: Doctor.”)

(2) Celebrity blinds a lot of people, men and women, to a mate’s potential problems. The cliche about the foolish old rich man going gaga over some pretty young blond actress who needs his money didn’t come from nowhere. Women, too, throw themselves at singers and actors because of one hit movie or one hit song.

(3) Florence Nightingale syndrome (all three of these guys got injured regularly, thanks to their professions–Jai White was a martial artist before acting)

(4) Black worship of the thug culture (all three of these guys are bruisers)

(5) Natural West-African feral nature showing through, where the women provide for the delinquent men.

(6) Finally, Strong Black Woman (SBW) syndrome, a distinctlyAmerican problem. SBW’s are constantly bitching about how there “are no good black men” around, all the while having exacting standards for the black men they want (“thug in the streets/playa in the sheets/sophisticated man of means”) that no man could ever meet.

Decent black guys complain about SBW’s all the time, and often say they gave up dating them because of this. And SBWs eventually admit that non-black men won’t have touch them with a ten-foot pole. In desperation, SBWs marry down to a thug or a no-good “playa”, figuring they can fix him or at least get something out of life. Or they find some milquetoast brother that they hound into misery because he’s not some rap-video-image of perfection (See Michelle Obama, miserable with Barry O., the freakin’ president).

* Tom Wolfe also has hilarious and spot on stuff about black and white interrelationships in basketball in I Am Charlotte Simmons.
Blacks try to intimidate whites in sports.
One has to get over this if one is white and expects to excel.
Not everyone can or wants to .
I once played this pretty good chess player black dude.
For him it was “street chess”.
He would glare at me , mumble trash talk, slam moved pieces hard on the table “in your face” style.
Just like playing basketball with them.
It was unnerving at first.
All athletes/competitors do this to a certain extent, but blacks have it down to a science.
If they detect it bothers you , it can be relentless.

* Both Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield were married to physicians, which shows the level of desperation of even highly educated black women.

Actor and martial artist Michael Jai White was also married to a physician. She asked him to marry her and she paid all the bills including his acting lessons. Years after he divorced her, he wrote an open letter to all of his exes confessing that until his current relationship, he had no idea why his exes wanted to be close to him.

* With a black majority in the NFL, did anyone really not see this coming? Blacks protesting their poor downtroddeness and a Jew giving voice to their alleged suffering? Does this not fit the Template?

And as in everything else it reforms, “the touch that turns everything to shit” will destroy the NFL. This is what I meant when I commented that blacks and Jews destroy everything they touch whether it be neighborhoods, financial markets, the Soviet Union or American social concord. Why is that?

I, personally, can’t stand incompetence. Of blacks I expect little else, they are perennial misfits. My bone to pick with Jews is not with their intelligence or any of their other alleged inadequacies, but with their nincompoopery. They ruin everything they succeed in. Some people see this as deliberate wrecking but I give them the benefit of the doubt and presume it is from some terrible blind spot in the middle of their field of vision.

They are fatally flawed in the Greek Tragedy sense. Give them the lead role and they, through arrogance and excessive self regard, blunder badly. Misfortune follows and they stumble about on stage, crying out to the audience, Gods and Chorus for pity and for guidance in perceiving where to turn, what to do next.

Because they can’t distance themselves from themselves, can’t hold a mirror up to themselves or fly above themselves and regard themselves impersonally from a great height, they can’t see that it is their very character with its strengths which is the cause of their own misfortune.

It is relevant in this context to note that the image or icon of a transcendent Bird plays little role in Jewish mythology (other than Noah’s raven). Virtually every civilization worshiped a bird of one sort or another as a symbol of transcendent foresight. For the Greeks, augury was the seer’s art of reading the future as interpreted in the flight of cranes and hawks. From it’s great heights, the bird sees the big picture whereas for man, what lies beyond the next turn in the road is hidden and so the man who is deficient in transcendental oversight must try to foretell his future by working out the chain of events implicit in the unfolding of his own character in the world. He must, “Know Thyself”.

* I used to listen to a lot of sports talk radio, ESPN radio, etc. While sports media types were previously apolitical or merely toed the PC line with qualified reservations, ESPN has gone full SJW in the past few years. The Michael Sam debacle was when it really became clear, as none of the ESPN radio/TV personalities had anything to say other than “This is really, really wonderful. I love gay homosexuals. I would be delighted to shower with gay homosexuals in my NFL locker room.” In fact, the commentary was so lock-step, I’d be surprised if sticking to pre-scripted bullet points enforcing The Narrative isn’t a condition of employment for ESPN sports “”journalists””.

Making an example out of Colin Cowherd for noticing Dominican academic achievement showed that ESPN was willing to enforce adherence The Narrative at all costs.

I don’t listen much anymore, as Dan Le Batard (Cowherd’s replacement) is the sports talk equivalent of “Ow! My Balls!” However, any time I surf through hoping for some local coverage, all talking heads are supportive of Kaepernick and “”opening up a national discussion””.

I sincerely hope the lying or cognitive dissonance gives them all ulcers. Especially Mike & Mike.

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