The Stupid Things Trump Says

JustNotSaid: The problem is not the message, but the messenger. Trump is the most tone deaf, vain, thin-skinned, insulting, inarticulate candidate imaginable. Witness his Tweet after NBA player Dwyane Wade’s cousin was shot dead on the streets of Chicago recently:

“Just what I have been saying. African Americans will VOTE TRUMP!”

It’s insensitive, ill-timed, and incoherent. If you take it literally, it means that Trump was predicting that Wade’s cousin would be killed — and that somehow because of the murder, blacks will vote for Trump…

I’m going to vote for him, and I recommend you do the same. But in the remote chance he gets elected, expect to spend the next four years defending your choice from constant, well-deserved attacks against his personality. (The best defense: hey, I never liked the guy personally, but his policies are better for America than another four years of Obama would have been.)

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