Long-Suffering Huma

JustNotSaid: Human seems to be a “second daughter” to Hillary the same way Monica was a second daughter to Bill.

Ask yourself this: what 24-year-old is so politically perspicacious that a candidate for US Senate would rely so heavily on her counsel as “personal advisor?”

Abedin’s 2008 title of “body woman” seems more apt.

And what of that sham marriage? Why did Abedin never take her husband’s name? And why did she spend so little time with him? And why did she stick by him and have that baby with him right after the first sexting scandals?

Abedin’s own words, quoted in that NY Post article, are revealing:

In a recent interview with Vogue magazine, Abedin said Weiner had been “essentially a full-time dad” while she was on the campaign trail.”

What kind of woman is happy to spend so little time with her newborn son?

My guess: a woman agog at being the lover of the next President of the United States.

No one should shed tears for the “long-suffering” Huma.

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