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The story was given an additional push when Penthouse porn miester Larry Flynt appeared on FOXNews and hinted that he would break the story,This isn’t the first time that the Hillary lesbian angle has come up. It’s made the rounds of gossip message boards. (That particular message board also claims that George and Laura Bush are separated, because W has starting drinking, and become abusive.) There was a line in one episode of the Simpsons – a ‘flashforward’ episode – where they make reference to some one being elected as America’s first non lesbian female President. It’s generally considered to be a Hillary reference (ie if Hillary became the 1st woman pres). Also the A List claims that Hillary did actress Markie Post (Fall Guy & Night Court) in the Lincoln Bedroom. I think that it has been confirmed that Post was a guest in the White House. Even Bill Clinton has purportedly joked to close friends [p.41 of Flowers’ autobiography “Gennifer Flowers: Passion and Betrayal”] that "Hillary’s eaten more pussy than I have". As if that were even possible.

GQ magazine also had the story, but weer forced to sit on it when the Clinton people threatened to withhold interviews with former President Bill CLinton


More on the story

The fair Ms. Abedin has made it into Wikipedia, the first sign of burgeoning celebrity – although Wiki is considering deleting her, in wake of the contravery. Wike comments on her striking appearance, competency, and the ‘general confusion concerning her personal life’.

This story is picking up momentum even as I post. Check out Luke Ford. The Huffington Post is getting in on the act, by way of responding with it’s usual clever invective, like using the term ‘dipshit’ to describe Musto. Wait a minute. That’s not clever invective. It’s a cheap shot! Then again, Huffington blogger Susan Madrak seemed to get fixated on the term ‘body person’ as applied to Ms Abedin. It was the Observer that refered to Abedin as Hillary’s ‘body person’. Madrak thought it needed some clarification. The term means a No. 1 staffer. Maybe it was just Madrak’s attempt to discrdit the rumour by not directly addressing it(They’re also carrying another Hillary vs the Justice Dept. article). Another juicy tibit from LibertyPost. Website AtlasShrugged had something to say as well. An Ayn Rand reference – wonder what their poltical persuasion is? The Ostroy Report along with a photoshopped pic of Hillary as Rambo. Covert History is covering it as well.

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