Joshua Seidel is a Trump supporter and a Jew on the alt right

Comments at directed at Joshua Seidel with his replies:

* You are not part of the Alt-Right. You are not wanted. You are not welcome. If you’d like to help the Alt-Right, live out your days in Israel, convince as many of your people to go with you, and stay out of The West’s affairs.

* We want OUR Nationalism. Our Gentile ancestors built this Nation (read the 1790 Naturalization Act). Josh, you’re welcome to be Nationalists as well… in Israel as they already are there.

* It’s peak irony that your main motivation for being “alt-right” is the fact you think our counter-semitism is less of a threat to your Tribe and ethnostate than anti-Zionist nonwhites who think Jews are white and therefore see Israel as simply another manifestation of the evil white colonialism meme (that, of course, jews promoted in the first place). Do you ever stop to think how incredibly neurotic your people are, yourself included? Inbreeding + vanity is a helluva drug.

* There is no such thing as a Jewish “alt righter” as the alt right is centered around the fundamental truth that Jews have been a cancer upon European civilization since the classical era. We are a White nationalist/ethno-nationalist movement. So far as preserving “western civilization” is concerned, we correctly see that there is no such thing without the indigenous European people.

* Jews are not welcome in the alt-right, counter-semitism is one of our core values. There are plenty of other movements you are free to join and express your ideas in, and plenty who advocate for jewish ethnic interests. Whites only. Gentiles only.

* JS: The problem with that is that I was “alt right” before it was even called that, then you showed up and claimed this was an “all white” movement. It’s a pro-white movement, absolutely, but more diverse than the Huffpo’s editorial staff any day.

You can’t get rid of me, anyway, so might as well get used to it.

* The problem is that you’re only doing whatever you think is good for the jews, which you clearly stated in your article. Your ethnic interest is your number one priority. You’re not us. You have shown the same type of behavior since ancient times and it’s not gonna change anytime soon. You can go and be “alt-right” in Israel.

* JS: This is nonsense. This article was written for the Jewish Daily Forward so of course I’m trying to speak to Jews, but to say it means I’m not genuinely pro-American is just not true. You’re wasting your time shitposting here when you could actually be attacking the enemy.

* There is no way of knowing your true intentions or loyalties. And there is zero reasons for us to even care. You have your ethnostate already, now let us have ours.

* JS: “Let us”.

This is your problem. Do you think “let us” is going to save a country like Sweden? Jews didn’t force anyone to open their borders.

* No, you weaseled your way in and lobbied laws in line with your ethnic interests, like always. Gentiles didn’t force jews to come to our countries, and we keep kicking you out again and again, yet you always come back and kvetch about the evil goyim. You are not us.

* Yes. Accept that you are not welcome in this movement and leave us to make our own decisions without the presumptious neuroticism typical of Jews stepping in to say, ‘No, goy. You can’t do it without us. We won’t let you’.

Jewish intervention and subversion of Gentile culture and society has been thoroughly documented most excellently by your own people. For instance,

“The most important Jewish literary figure who wrote in French before the Revolution, Isacc de Pinto, also made his debut in print with a pamplet in defense of his people. This was the first version of his Apologie, which appeared in 1762. The fame of Pinto’s Apologie has tended to obscure the importance of his considerable body of writing on economics, politics, and contemporary cultural questions”.


“Adam Smith was indeed the only major economist to react at all to Pinto’s views and he censured an author, who he did not name, for holding that ‘insane view’ that credit was a social good and that the stock market was good for the economy. Pinto began his treatise by defending the national debt as an economic good against all its critics”.

The French Enlightenment and the Jews, Arthur Hertzberg 1968

* Ingrid Lomfors, Barbara Spectre, and countless others have done exactly that, playing on Swedes’ naive trust and decency to swarm them with Somalis and others. In so doing, they’re destroying the Swedes’ ethnic bonds and traits that allowed them to be such a desirable target for swindlers and the brown hordes who disguise them to enter and destroy Sweden, as both are currently doing. Symptoms come from diseases, quibbling about whether the disease “forced” anyone to do anything is irrelevant, because it would not be occurring without the presence of the disease. As your people learned from the Cheka and the NKVD, and fleeing from the USSR once Stalin realized he’d been duped, it’s better to switch from the Old Left to the New Left and use the fictional sainthoods of Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks, or Betty Friedan against us by co-opting Enlightenment values than it is to put a gun at someone’s back and force them to march. It’s more profitable, it’s more subversive, and it’s infinitely more destructive.

* JS: Explicitly pro-white American. This country can surely integrate minorities and has better than any in history, but the outbreak of anti-white identity politics requires a direct response. The left opened this door, and I’m happy to walk through it.

* Integration of minorities is the absolute worst thing possible for Whites. It acts as a soporific until we are outnumbered and replaced. As loathsome as Moslems’ spontaneous combustions across Europe are, they’re the only things that can wake up enough Europeans before it’s too late. Otherwise, I assume, you are aware that given the breeding rates of non-Whites in Europe, Canada, Australia, and the U.S., and their continued influx, Whites will simply become swarmed if the status quo continues. Nothing ensures continuance of the status quo like peaceful integration.

Smarter Moslems will continue to come, hijab in hand, continuing the narrative that they are the moderate, peaceful ones, until they’re strong enough to prove that they aren’t anymore. Even if they were, the trend is that they become 1, 2, 5, 10, 20% of the population and upward. Even friendly Moslems being every face you see in a crowd in Paris, London, etc. is a despicable outcome that no healthy group, unpoisoned by mass media and subversive ideology, would tolerate. A nation is nothing if not its people. It simply works out in Jews and brown people’s favor for Whites to open their societies up for plundering. The “diversity” ideology is a wedge to do so, and nothing more.

Jews insist on continuing to bring these people into the West, regardless, apparently unaware that Hispanics, Moslems, and others are far less friendly to Jewish interests, and completely apathetic about the six trillion whom the Nazis turned into lampshades for no apparent reason. Kallen, Lazarus, Boas and the rest believed that Jews would only be safe in a “vibrant” world where any and every group was tolerated, but Jews were already safe in America. They will NOT be safe once the dusky hordes they love to subvert the European goyim with start using Jews’ own rhetoric of “privilege” to come after them. You can kiss all the massive over-representation in lucrative fields, ethnic nepotism, and aid to Israel goodbye once the forces that Jews unleashed finally come knocking on your door.

You could’ve been normal people, you could’ve relaxed and respected your host countries, but you had to push Hart-Celler, you had to swindle on Wall Street, you had to subvert the goyim through Hollywood, you had to wring Israel out of the blood of continuing World War I for a “victory” that ensured the Third Reich. This boundless social energy for changing friendly, prosperous host countries into hostile, “diverse” societies of mindless miscegenated consumers is going to backfire, and that is the inevitable result of meddlesome troublemakers who have repeated this cycle time and again, intelligent enough to rise to the top with clannishness, but never wise enough to learn the lesson that Jews should just chill out and be normal people. They can’t do it, and they’ve unleashed a multi-billion horde that will destroy the entire planet just to keep this obnoxious pattern going. You may well be sincere, but you are not us, you do not put our interests first, thus you belong with your people in the same way that we belong with ours. That is what every group wants, and no group in as bad a position as Whites currently are needs to have a small movement coalescing to fight for its interests being co-opted by people with other interests in mind.

* “This country can surely integrate minorities”

But that is bad for Whites, so it will end. Because that is what is in the interests of Whites. Since you’re not White, you object to this. Well, you’ll have to sell it somewhere else, hooknose. No one in the alt-right is buying your subversive bullshit.

* You’re not Alt-Right in any meaningful sense. Just another Middle-eastern parasite. You’re not welcome in the West.

Stop pretending you’re Alt-Right. The rank and file of the Alt-Right want to pop you in an oven.

* “You can’t get rid of me, anyway, so might as well get used to it.”
-quote by some jew in Germany circa 1933.

* “I was ‘alt right’ before it was even called that”

Nope. Philosemitic paleoLARPing is not the alt-right. The alt-right was created by a White Nationalist counter-semite who wears his hair like an SS officer.

* This is ridiculous. There are no membership requirements for the alt-right. In any case, why would you want to alienate an obvious ally? It seems like there are two camps in the alt-right: civic nationalists with a healthy dose of demographic realism (essentially pro-white Trumpists) vs white nationalists who see everything through race.

* I have news for you. The Alt Right is the “crazies.” You Trumpists are tourists who need shaping up.

* Many of these normies are ripe for the picking. As cucked as people like Glenn Beck are, they helped lay the groundwork for the association of jews with the communist left. They heard the names (((Alinsky))), (((Marx))), (((Chomsky))), etc, and they see them on tv. We just gotta light the fuses in their heads so they finalize the association of COMMUNIST=JEW.

* The Jewish motto seems to be “Wherever I go, I must also subvert.” Be a Zionist. Go live in Israel. Be happy. But leave us alone, you odious kayak.

* Always remember that the Daily Stormer is the biggest Alt-right website.

* An interesting perspective, Joshua, are you familiar with Kevin MacDonald’s “Culture of Critique”?

* JS: Yes, and I don’t think he’s entirely wrong, far from it. But I don’t think he’s figured out the “human equation” perfectly anymore than the white-haters have.

* I was recently having an exchange with an Israeli who told me that Tel Aviv liberals were actively promoting destructive policies similar to our progressives in the West. I realize that you’re an American Jew, but do you have any perspective on this? I’ll include a screen cap of the conversation. I’d also like to give The Forward Kudos for publishing this article, they are usually unbearably liberal.


* “Why the Jews support Muslim immigration is something I will never understand.”

It is suicidal. Hopefully American Jews (along with some other white Americans) wake up before it’s too late. It truly is the most unbelievable thing.

* Because they view us whites as a more dangerous threat since we have agency, unlike the inbred, 85 IQ goat screwers. They were the biggest supporters of Muslim migration into the Iberian peninsula from 700-1400, capitalizing greatly upon the Muslims during Reconquista (Christian Whites re-concouring Spain and Portugal from the Muslims). That is the reason why after we regained control that we implemented the inquisition to rid ourselves of those who pushed Multiculturalism on us.

* JS: I would like to say this surprises me, but it really doesn’t. This insanity seems to be penetrating places where there’s simply no doubt it will lead to suicide. Luckily, most Israelis will reject it.

original (1)

* You do realize that the Alt-Right is White identity politics right? Your version of this already exists. It’s called Zionism.

* The problem with that, of course, is that Israel would collapse in an instant if Jews all went there, and our aid to them was cut off (God forbid them actually paying us back). That’s why he writes this “hey, some of us sympathize with you, so…keep us around, hehehe” article. The tapeworm needs a host, it can not live on other tapeworms, even in a parasite state like Israel that has received so much assistance.

* ░░░░░░░░░░░░░░▄▄▀▀██▀▄▄▒
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* A Jew who claims to be “Alt-Right” has no skin in the game because: 1. They identify as a Jew, not white. 2. They’re Jewish. 3. Ashkenazi will never be “white.”

If a white person comes out as Alt-Right with their real name they will pay for it.

You and Milo need to get bent. You’re tourists and subverters.

* A Jewish Alt-Right person, nice! Since you’re versed in the alt-right I assume you’re going to put yourself in the oven?

* First they hate you, then they pretend to ignore you, then they fight you, then (((they))) try to join your ranks to subvert you from within, just like (((they))) did to conservatism, libertarianism, and even European socialism.

But that’s the thing about the alt-right. We have the only defense against you subversive parasites: we never allow you in our ranks. No Jews, just right.

* Never forget what the Jew really thinks of you.

original (2)

* If you were an ally of the alt-right, you wouldn’t be telling us what to do. The alt-right explicitly and without compromise rejects the claim that Jews have any place ordering Whites around. I don’t come into your synagogue and shove pork down your throat, Moshe. Stop trying to shove your Jewish poison down ours.

* No you are not. Alt-right is explicitly ethno-nationalist, anti-semitic, racialist and anti-egalitarian.

original (3)

* You cannot be alt-right unless you put yourself into an oven.
Have your heirs send me your ashes and I’ll sanctify them as 100% alt-right ashes.

* I loved this article. I feel the same way as the author. A few comments:

1) White American Christians are the best friends Jews ever had. Even if they didn’t let Grandpa into the Country Club or they thought Jewish theology incomplete. Who cares. It just doesn’t matter. Jews can be a major part of America and shouldn’t feel the need to call for the open immigration and multiculturalism that kills the country and of course ends up threatening Jews

2) One thing the author didn’t touch on is just how secular American Jewry has become and why that matters. For better or worse, on average, seculars are hostile to actual Biblical Judaism, Christianity and lets just call it, pre-1965 America. While even some Modern Orthodox Jews are politically stupid, the percent of American Jewry that is secular makes it very different than every other Jewish community (Israel, Australia, Canada, Britain) that leans right.

3) The most shocking thing to me is that American Jews cannot look across the pond in Europe and learn the right lessons from it. We see daily reports of European Jewish life literally ending – solely due to Muslim immigration. You would think that for a people so smart, we would say, maybe Muslim (and other third world) immigration isn’t such a good deal. Alas, American Jews seem to be more concerned with the feelings of those who hate them. It is truly unbelievable to me.

4) Too many American Jews have the silliest, most suicidal view of immigration. As soon as one becomes an American, one’s loyalty should be to America. Not to immigrants. Not to outsiders. But to the people who let you into the country. If wages are flat, should we be letting in a million third world immigrants per year? No. It’s bad for America and the American people.Too many American Jews seem to feel otherwise and this is a shame. Third world mass immigration is bad for America and bad for American Jews. It’s like the author says: What Do You Think The Endgame Is?

5) This brings us to Trump. Here we have a guy surrounded by Jews with a Jewish daughter and grandchildren. This man is all that stands between US Jewry turning into European Jewry. All that stands between American Jewish life literally ending. For that, American Jews should have unbelievable gratitude to him. Without him, as anyone with foresight (ie. just looking at Europe) can see, American Jewry is in big, big trouble.

Pretty much everything said about American Jews applies to other white Americans as well. Western Civilization and America in particular is good. Keep it.

* As a philo-Semitic hate thinker, I’m a bit surprised to see this in the Forward, which may be the most ironically name publication on the web. Still, good for the commissars of this site for posting this piece.

The alt-right is getting a bad rap, but that’s to be expected. That’s the nature of revolts. To those in the status quo, the people in revolt are always revolting. The managerial class considers racism to be the only mortal sin so they accuse their enemies of being racists. Dehumanizing the enemy is what the combatants always do.

Enjoy the hate Josh.

* Great article. You are a rare bread. We need more free thinking people like you with the courage and intellectual honesty to follow the data wherever it leads. Thank you for being a voice of sanity.

* As a member of the Alt-Right, let me explain why we dislike jews (in general). For most of western civilization’s history, Judaism and Jewish people have been at worst adversarial and at best outsiders within our society, never fully integrating as “whites” within our society. Whether it be the jews and the Romans fighting wars, the jewish role in the muslim invasion of the Iberian peninsula, etc. Fast forward to about the last 150 years, jews have been at the spearhead of far left wing politics in the west, making up the kings share of the leadership of communist movements in Spain, Germany, Russia, and the United States. Even Putin himself admitted that the communist government of the early USSR was 80% jewish run. While I do not hate every and all jews, I do hate the marxist jews and the neo-cons, who make up 90% of jewish people. The best solution would be for the jews to have and expand their land in Israel and leave western society alone, as they are not us.

* Even this guy, who would identify as neither a Marxist nor a neo-con, and is in a tiny minority of Jews who even profess not to be committed to working against European interests, is motivated solely by his tribal interests, i.e. protecting other Jews from “discrimination.” Regardless of how convincing it may sound, he is committed to his people primarily if not exclusively, and thus can and will take a stand for them if it goes against European interests, even if he is “pro-White” as he claims. The potential benefits of including such people in our projects are very low, while the risk of subversion and co-option is historically proven to be right around 100%. I don’t blame him, he’s working for his people’s interests, but we need to work in ours in the same way that Jews and every other group does and has always done. We don’t need them, their own people need them and they can serve their people in their land, Israel, which the British provided for them despite being murdered by Lehi and Irgun along the way.

* The Alt-Right is just Zionism for white people.

* Some of the things you laid out in this article are admirable, you clearly have thicker skin than most of your tribe, however we are a strictly White-Gentile movement, if you want to be part of our movement you have to keep your ethnic identity to yourself and attempt to extricate it from many of your beliefs. In other words, the only way a Jew could ever be part of our movement is if all true “Jewish” ways of thinking are entirely sublimated or eliminated, it can not effect your thinking in the slightest. Our J-dar is strong, tread carefully.

* I’ve always been confused, when Jews say they are part of the alt-right, do they mean that they are going to throw themselves into the oven voluntarily? Because the only other option is a hostile take-over.

* You do understand that we would literally kill all of you, given the chance, right?

* JS: Yes, the memes can be silly but I put them in context. A Jewish person like Sarah Silverman can get on national television and openly insult white Christians. A white Christian has to use an anonymous online handle to do the same back. I wouldn’t trade places.

* One of the most important aspects of the alt-right, as I am sure you’ve discovered, is the Jewish Question. Why is this important? Well, as history continues to re-create itself, we’re facing a particular influence in our society with huge amounts of leftist radical impositions. Radical impositions, just to be kept in check, many times as history would tell it is met by radical oppositions.

Currently, western civilization has jewish influences on both political levels. You already understand the neo-con, and the mentality of the jews that are in direct support of that political movement. but the JQ goes further than that.

The left is highly saturated with predominately secular jews, that plays only and exclusively the jew-identity card, while pushing leftist politics, ranging from movements such as LGBT, BLM, FEMEN, Trannies, well, you get the point. Identity politics-

The things is, and is the most elaborate part of the JQ in this regards, is how do they posses such powerful movements? Well, that is simple. Nepotism, cronyism, (something jews have been confronted on for centuries about in previous and current societies) is on a full on scale too big to bring down.

Monopolies in Hollywood, journalism, and mainstream media is an influential factor that pushes the subversive nature into the minds of gentiles. Not in a way to push Judiac religious vales, but a way to push jew-identity vales, and secular traditions.

Over representation in politics fuels the movement by passing laws that support the subversive trends, and of course, liberal predominate jews in psychology (somehow getting “leading” titles) being the sounding board for changing the concept of educational values.

What is the motivation behind jews- as a collective, in all facets of our society being so subversive? It’s their traditional nature to always be the “outsiders” the revolutionists, the ones that bring a level of change to support their own comforts.

The mass immigration is just another ploy, to fit them into a sea of “strange” people, because they collectively want to remain strangers themselves. If they can be strange, along side many other strange groups, they will never be a direct target. The secular, and predominately leftist jew- wants a degenerate society that they can act out in, without scrutiny, and or criticism..

This, like all cultures, are instilled into the minds of child rearing. The secular jews- are extremely liberal in their child up-bringing, and that is why they grow to become the very people they are, just even further cemented with the “jew complex”

This is nothing new- Theodor Herzl even said himself- The jews will always be a nation of peoples, that will never accept the nations they reside in.

But to close- I don’t find “jew” as much a racial identity, as I do a ethno-political one. I think Jews can shed themselves the culture that has augmented itself to their lineage.

* The sad irony is that Seidel’s piece reveals the failure of the American Jewish establishment to instill any real form of identity politics, such as an understanding of our own history and sympathy with other oppressed groups (the extent to which Seidel can be proud to be Jewish while being an Islamophobe and racist is between him and God).

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