Video of Cory Booker (D-NJ) Dancing with Shmuley Boteach on His Back in a Clown Suit

It’s naive to expect that Jews and blacks will have a lot in common. They are about as different as two peoples can be. Sure, at times, they are both cooperating members of the Coalition of the Fringe and have common interests as against the white majority, but often those interests diverge.

It’s silly to expect American blacks to identify more with Jewish Israel than with the plight of Palestinians and other Arabs and Muslims. Islam and the Nation of Islam are a good group evolutionary strategy for blacks.

Steve Sailer writes:

With Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) much talked about as a natural for a future Democratic national ticket, it’s possible that Diveroli/Botach/Boteach family history may be furnishing us with material for comic movies ripped from the headlines for decades to come.

From The Forward:

The Bromance Ends: What Split Cory Booker and Shmuley Boteach?
Nathan Guttman April 10, 2016

It was the future U.S. senator from New Jersey’s first Purim party, back at Oxford University in the 1990s. The home video shows a young Cory Booker dancing in circles and carrying on his back a bearded man dressed in a clown suit – Rabbi Shmuley Boteach.

Shmuley Boteach is the uncle of international arms dealer Efraim Diveroli of the Jonah Hill movie War Dogs.

But today, instead of bringing a smile to the faces of those involved, the recent re-emergence of this video has only served to worsen open wounds that have yet to heal.

“It took me back all those years. And it made me incredibly sad,” wrote Boteach in his Jerusalem Post column, stating he feels it is now harder for him to forgive Booker, the junior senator from New Jersey.

The battle waged last summer over the nuclear deal with Iran has left divisions still visible in many parts of the American Jewish and wider pro-Israel community, but nowhere more so than in its impact on the once-tight relationship between the black pol and the Jewish preacher. …

The Booker–Boteach dispute also presents a broader question for the Jewish community: Do years of support, both political and financial, of a politician entail a promise in advance that he will side with the community on key issues with broad national impact? …

Boteach prides himself on having introduced Booker to the Jewish community two and a half decades ago. It’s a role that no one denies he played.

Like I said the day I first heard about this clan:

Overall, it just sounds like a whole family full of self-starters.


* I’ve never understood this persistent misconception among much of the Unz Review commentariat that Israel directs much of the United States’ foreign policy. Jews had to hint at expanding their nuclear retaliation beyond the Middle East just so Americans would ship them some supplies via Operation Nickle Grass, to counteract Soviet support for Arab antagonists. The WASPs at Langley and Washington privately revile Jews and gleefully denounce them in polite company, which is doubly infuriating given Jewish contributions to and adoption of WASP culture, to say nothing of Western civilization. Israel is thrown under the bus when their interests don’t coincide with those of Western arms dealers, Riyadh’s whims, or American political maneuvering.

* Cory Booker can still make history by becoming the first Gay Black president.

* The racism of having a black man ridden like a horse by a white man…I can’t even. Boteach and Booker both will have to answer for this.

* So these are the people who rule over our country? Shame on us for being fools.

* What break with the Jewish community? Booker is #3 on the list of which members of Congress get the most money from pro-Israel PACs.

But it was definitely arrogant of Booker to vote against the wishes of our Overlords.

* It’s like somebody is enacting an anti-Semitic cartoon, with a Jewish man riding a Black person.

* Politicians aren’t corrupted when they reach high office.

They are corrupted at the first rung of the ladder so they’re guaranteed to be corrupt when they reach high office.

(or blackmailable – hence why so many fake “conservative” pols are homosexual or pedophiles)

(worse part of that is as homosexuality is normalized the bad guys will need to use pedophile politicians more often)

* US politicians are almost entirely bought (or blackmailed) at the national level but the military aren’t (yet) so there’s a conflict.

Military people aren’t stupid but they do like to think in straight lines so for example if a stated strategy is to produce a better outcome in a region they get confused when the tactics used seem to be designed to create permanent internal chaos.

(This is because the real strategy is to cause permanent internal chaos as that means they are no threat to Israel.)

The corrupted pols don’t care but the current military don’t like killing lots of people unless the end result is better and definitely not if the end result is deliberately worse.

They’d be fine with it if the strategy was actually aimed at making things better.

The current culture war on the military is similar to the one waged on the police 30 years ago. The bad guys are creating artificial PC hurdles so only those officers who’ll swallow anything for promotion stay on and all the decent officers are filtered out.

Eventually all the senior military officers will be as scummy as current senior police and will do whatever they are told.

(which will probably involve nukes)


underlying reason

Jews lost their homeland c. 2000 years ago and only survived as a distinct nation by developing cultural and genetic traits that allowed them to survive as a nation while living as a dispersed minority.

One of those traits was paranoia.

Paranoia is self-fulfilling.

* If Galut Jews are so infuriated with WASPs, why don’t they make aliyah like they are supposed to? Why don’t they “rise up” (aliyah) from the filth and degradation of The Nations and go home to build a real Jewish Nation with their people?

For all their whingeing you would think they never read Herzl, for goodness sakes!

I have about as much sympathy for “oppressed” Galut Jews as PM Ariel Sharon had when French Jews started complaining they weren’t safe in France: none at all.

* Been an open secret for some time that Booker really lives in Park Slope, Brooklyn, and merely has a PO box apartment in Newark to stay eligible. And Brooklyn has several Orthodox/Hasidic communities who like nothing better than having a mayor or senator on speed dial for a few shekels. But to his supposed greatness; only a slight less empty suit than Obama. Booker’s term in Newark made a disgusting blighted crime-ridden slum into a …disgusting blighted crime-ridden slum with a safe zone for white people to spend money at an NHL hockey arena in the middle.

* Paranoids have enemies too, and not just self-created ones.

Israel and Iran are not natural enemies- under the Shah relations were very good. But it’s hard for fundamentalist Muslims like the Shiite clerics who currently rule Iran to be friends with kufrs of any kind.

The long term solution is to get rid of theocratic rule in Iran. But Iran has the same problem as Turkey – the religiously conservative countryside keeps winning the demographic race so they can never quite make it to modernity.

* Jews need to completely assimilate or move to Israel.

You may get your wish, but paradoxically the way you do this is to kill the Jews with kindness. Back in the day, when white America was still really white America, many American Jews were down with your plan but non-Jews were not – no way were they letting their daughters marry Jews or let Jews into their universities, law firms, board rooms, etc.

Does the assimilate or leave requirement apply only to Jews or does it include Amish, Italians, Mormons, etc. Does assimilation mean that Jews have to become at least nominal Protestants or is it OK if they just become atheists? Is it enough just to have a Christmas tree or do you actually have to go to church once in awhile? Do they have to vote Republican like other white people? Are you still allowed to eat ethnic food? I’m just not clear on how your plan would work.

* The WASPs at Langley and Washington privately revile Jews and gleefully denounce them in polite company,

This might have been true in 1936 or maybe even in 1976, but old school anti-Semitic Arabist WASPs don’t even run the CIA and the State Dept. any more let alone Congress or the rest of America. If you go looking for the old WASP establishment, it’s gone, kaput, finito, extinct, as rare as white rhinos. Their 1.2 sons or daughters are living in lesbian communes in Vermont or saving the whales in the rain forest or else they have married Jews (one of FDR’s great grandsons is a rabbi). The current Supreme Court consists of 5 Catholics and 3 Jews and zero WASPs. Kerry and Albright pretended to be bona fide WASPs but were really Marranos. Aldrich Ames is serving a life sentence in Allenwood prison. The head of the CIA is a good Irish Catholic boy. Wake up boy, it’s the current year.

* I couldn’t find the “no complaining allowed” exception to the First Amendment. Does this apply only to Jews or are those of French, German, English, etc. descent also required to leave if they voice any dissatisfaction with the policies of the US government?

Herzl was not the pope of the Jews. The Jews don’t have a pope. Jews, like most other people, don’t usually leave the country of their birth for a poorer country (Israel is doing well economically but is still poorer than the US) unless conditions are really bad. A small % of the Jews of Israel arrived for ideological reasons because they bought into Zionism, but most are there because the places that they left were really shitty. Most American Jews are doing pretty well right where they are so only a few have made aliyah. Consider the Jews to be the canaries in the coal mine. If Jews really do start pulling up stakes from the US in large numbers, it won’t be a good sign. Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it.

* Upper-crust Catholics hold an idiosyncratic jealousy and hatred of middle-class Jews, to a degree unseen even among rural Arabian populations. An ambitious Jew will find this attitude confronting them at any number of points in their professional career, albeit easily overcome.

* If the way the US government has been run for the last 50 years is not good enough for Jews, they will never be happy.

* There is no government upper tier reserved for elite WASPs where they could revile Jews as such with impunity, even if they wanted to. Jews have headed the CIA twice, and David Cohen is not even the first person of that name to be no 2 at the CIA. Wasps have disappeared from the supreme court, which is 33% Jewish. There may be some WASPs in the State department but Israel’s problems with US foriegn policy stem from Israel having been founded as an ethno state, and WASP anti-ethnostate idealism, marching on largely without actual WASPs, has passed it by.

* This quote about Booker,….”a politician with more ambition than attention span,” says a lot about him. Booker, and Obama and Hillary, start campaigning for the next step on the ladder before they have accomplished anything of note. He spent most of his term as mayor of Trenton giving speeches out of state, which led to this quote….”you can be a rock star or the mayor but you can’t be both.”

* If Booker is gay, he’s a pretty macho homo. Doesnt have any gay tells in walk, talk, or mannerisms. He looks like he could handle most guys in a fight.

* Senator Booker played two seasons at tight end for Stanford, catching 20 passes, one for a touchdown.

Here are a couple of nice plays by Booker against Notre Dame:

He was picked out as a likely First Black President a long time ago, probably with better reason than Obama.

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