Anybody ever hear of a Luke Ford?

From a Canadian posting board in 2010:

The Seventh Day Adventist Church has an interesting relationship to covert happenings itself. In the early Cold War they channelled many hundreds/thousands of young men into servitude as human guinea pigs for biomedical experiments conducted by the U.S. Military, all under the banner of Conscientious Objection.

CIA/Pentagon-linked neuroscientist Ross Adey did years and years of secretive research on electromagnetic fields and the human brain, whilst employed at the SDA-linked Loma Linda University in Southern California.

And it may be that the SDA Church provided cover to U.S. operatives under the guise of their far-flung missionary projects. This last possibility is a conjecture, which I can’t prove, the other two are well-established facts.

So, this may possibly have some bearing on Luke Ford’s weird stance- not sure…

* Pardon the disjointed nature of this. There is a movie called the Nostradamus Kid.

Its about an autralian political writer, bob ellis, (sort of – its semi autobiographical fiction).

Its set round here, and I saw it with some people who knew the history of 7th day Adventism in this part of the world. It was only 18 months after Waco too.

Now apparantly there is a direct link from a mad 7th day Adventist heretic who is referred to in that film (there’s a character based on him) to the Branch dravidians or whatever they are called. Koresh’s mob from Waco.

Apparantly that guy’s (in the film) ideas inspired a group that had a schism that formed another group that the BDs split from.

I know thats a pretty rambling incoherent description so I’ll clarify if you need me too. To the best of my ability.

Anyway Luke Ford is from Northern NSW, same as me, but his part of the world is about 400km south of here. Its only just in “Northern NSW” but its close enough that there is some cross polarisation (I was gonna say pollination but … polarisation is actually more appropriate,) between the fundies, including 7th dayers.

Dunno whether there is anything in all that beyond a game of six degree’s but you never know.

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