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Comments at Steve Sailer:

* Growing up I was told the wasps in the NY financial world wouldn’t hire Jews. A Jew couldn’t get a job a JP Morgan etc. So the Jews just got up and started their own companies and that’s how Goldman Sachs came about. Not sure how true this is, but definitely seems plausible. I always ask, if the Jews did that, why don’t minorities and women, that complain they are excluded, get up and start their own damn corporations? Of course the answer to that is to ugly to contemplate, but it should be used as a shaming tool.

* When the grocery chain store leaves the ghetto after a riot, blacks complain about having to shop far from home, but what’s to prevent some enterprising black person from starting their own to fill the vacuum?

* Extraordinarily high levels of theft and vandalism; high insurance rates because of these issues and others like high risks for arson and break-ins; costs associated with extra security, high overhead costs related to food stamps, welfare vouchers and the like; high rates of employee absenteeism and dropout, impossibly difficult and demanding customers, etc., etc.

I’ve lived in Negro neighborhoods and neighborhoods that have tipped to majority Negro. Only very small bodega-type establishments and large chains can deal with these kinds of issues. I suspect that the chains do it as write-off for good publicity. My experience has been that as soon as a neighborhood tips Negro most established businesses just give up. They cannot cope with the constant drain on resources that serving a predominantly Negro clientele imposes.

* In California only about 28% blacks taking the bar exam pass.

* There has never been a bar to black people starting their own business in any arena, whether Law or car wash. When the grocery chain store leaves the ghetto after a riot, blacks complain about having to shop far from home, but what’s to prevent some enterprising black person from starting their own to fill the vacuum?

In other words, this should be a non-story to begin with. Blacks starting their own businesses should be the norm. We wish them luck. And please stop complaining about why someone else isn’t doing it–whatever it is–for you. Freedom is hard, but you’re going to have to get used to it. Hopefully. Someday.

* White shoe law firms (or what has replaced them today) are where you see Smart Fraction Theory at the small scale. This is true to some degree at all large organizations, but law firms live off billable hours. Therefore it’s hard to hide incompetents, but they do.

That pleasant POC/POV has to be managed and that means hours diverted from a billing sheet to overheads. The hours being diverted are coming from the better talent. A little math makes clear that the firm can tolerate only so many weak attorneys. Of course, the staff meetings need to look like America so that means “mentoring” programs to make sure the staff meetings don’t reflect biological reality.

As to the firm in the story, it exists to solve this problem for other firms. In fact, this is a phenomenon all over the government economy, of which the law is a part. Dig into government contracts and you’ll often see a provision to allow the contractor to count minority vendors as part of the head count for diversity purposes. All around the Imperial Capital you will find firms that exist pretty much as subs to complete the color wheel.

* Regardless of race, if you don’t pass the bar exam the first time, your odds of ever passing are not good. Whatever was preventing you from passing (e.g. lack of brains) is still going to be there the next time. (My wife works with kids and a cruel colleague of hers, when parents would ask what their kids would be like intellectually a year from now after intense therapy, would say, “a year older”.)

At a firm that I worked at, that had overhired in a downturn, they hit upon the idea of immediately firing any 1st year associate who had flunked their bar exam on the first try. Although this was cruel and unheard of, it actually made sense.

The AA law school admissions system combined with the LACK of an AA system for the bar exam creates a very cruel situation for black law students. Overall nationally, something like half of blacks who start law school never get admitted so all the time and $ they spend on law school, sometimes 3 years, is wasted.

The main function of AA (this is explicitly enshrined in the S. Ct. decisions) is not to actually help blacks – it is to enrich the experience of white students by exposing them to “diversity”. In other words to make white people feel good about themselves. Even though I live in a whitopia and avoid 90% of American blacks at all costs, some talented tenth blacks like that cool guy Barrack sit next to me in torts class and when the class discussion turns to race he can give us the authentic “black” POV – this shows how non-racist I am.

* Jews have always been hired by white non-Jews to certain professions other than in certain countries in certain times. The major historical Jewish banks in United States were created by relatively modest people who began selling. Marcus Goldman who founded Goldman Sachs b began as an independent broker. I think one of the major reasons why Jews (and other ethnic groups in United States) have been so successful is dedication to their work under an extensive time period in combination with ethnic networking. When it comes to this law-firm I think it is pretty simple. They felt that their career didn’t go in the way they wanted to and so they started their own firm. This is not an “ethnic thing”. I think the reason why they “hate” on their former employers is that they want liberal media to write about them. It is a small firm with just them and one other attorney based in Los Angeles. There is a huge oversupply of lawyers and law firms so they need to make a name in the business.

* If the Mossad truly wanted to discredit anti-Semites, then they would pay trolls to impersonate them* and make them look like weenies.

From a Stormfront “Introduce yourself” thread:

“I didn’t start hating Jews until I realized that they were hogging all of the hot blonde shiksas. Every night, after I take my 40-minute bus ride from my job (I’m an assistant manager at McDonald’s), and find myself sitting on a bare mattress in my cold, dark, unfurnished one-room apartment, and think about all those crafty Jews driving their Ferraris from their high-paying investment-banking jobs to their mansions, and coming home to their blonde shiksa wives, and showering those shiksas with diamonds and rubies and emeralds, and whisking those shiksas into their tastefully-decorated bedrooms … I fap bitterly.”

* Successful all-female firms tend to be small organizations in certain female-heavy fields like real estate sales or casting agencies or women’s magazines or the like.

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