Is Anyone Who Opposes Free Trade A Bigot?

Comment: My thanks to Profs. Mankiw, Mansfield and Mutz for pointing out that anyone who questions free trade is a bigot, xenophobe and isolationist. I had thought that this heresy might spring from the life experience of Americans, unhappily not tenured at Ivy League schools, who have lost their jobs to trade or out-sourcing, or who have see their towns and cities devastated by these economic tsunamis, or who suspect that the benefits of unrestricted markets have bypassed them on the way to the 1%. Clearly, I was wrong. With so much else to worry about these days, I’m relieved that I no longer have to fret about these unwashed, unenlightened and uneducated losers who, in their ignorance and narrow-mindedness, deserve what they get. Unfortunately, as Mankiw points out, they have been left with nothing but their votes, and may get the last word.

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