He Who Controls Test Prep Controls the Future

My peers at high school (I graduated in 1984) often did SAT preparation and the like. Their parents often went over with their homework. As a result, they usually got much better scores than I did. I occasionally asked my parents a question but it never occurred to them review my homework or to get me tutoring.

I would not have liked it if my parents had been more involved in my life.

They did review my report card and until 10th grade, they were rarely happy about my grades. From 10th grade on, I had a B+ average or better.

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* In America, you have a lot of public spirited people. For the Hillery dump to Wikileaks I suspect an honest player who got fed up with what he was seeing. Sort of like Snowden who didn’t destroy his life to empower some fraction over another. I suspect that someone just got pushed to the edge seeing too much nastyness and squealed. They were on a team and would like to win but not at the cost of seeing institutions trashed.

I doubt operatives for the Republican Party hacked computers and leaked emails. Who would have directed and organized that? Trump barely influences the Pub Party. Does Ryan have a huge bureaucracy at his beck and call? Can any Pub call in CIA, FBI or NGO people and give them clandestine orders?

In places where raw power rules, like Turkey or the Middle East or the Far East, perhaps everything is subordinate to how it hurts or benefits the actor. If you live under a sort of despotism where power determines everything about your life, pursuit of even little slivers of power becomes all encompassing, requiring abandoning integrity to self interest. Not America yet. I am able to make a living and avoid legal trouble without joining any [prison] gang for survival.

* And why can’t we think and behave like this? The American right either thinks too wildly (revolutionary fantasies) or too timidly (making sure our soft spoken arguments comply with Aristotelian logic). Identifying and manipulating choke points is the sensible middle.

* There have been a few with your mindset, but it seems to have petered out over the years. Getting the alt right on board for a pragmatic long march has proven to be akin to herding cats. Many of us soldier on in our own way, but without an effective organizational framework I am not optimistic.

* The CIA has long supported Islamists as long they’re pro-US and anti-Soviet/Russia, similar tactics have been used by Israel, Mossad supported the creation of Hamas to weaken the secular/leftists PLO who was seen as a bigger threat, the Sunni terrorist organizations aren’t a threat to Israel as the secular Dictators like Saddam, Gaddaffi or Assad, I heard from a Israeli that their biggest fear was someone like the secularist Nasser uniting the Arab world against them.

* This certainly goes along with alt-right themes about the “Cathedral,” at the center of which are the elite universities. Most talk about beating the progressives at their own game surround building our own, alternative Cathedral. But that’d take generations. We abjure the black/hippy method of gaining power through outright violence and scofflawry. Cheat-prep lies in the middle ground.

It had occurred to me to game the system, because it’s obvious. But I never thought of doing so in such an organized manner. Home schooling is a start. We need also to develop pseudo-progressives, CIA-style, who can take down the Cathedral from within. Sorta like how the progressives took it over in the first place, then rolled over for a series of lesser leftists, who degenerated into the PC, zombie-morons who run it now.

* If those of you reading this and are so concerned would like to manipulate one of those choke points, here you are: Chobani yogurt. I’ve already gotten a mom and pop grocer my mother always uses and I sometimes use to take it off their shelves and cancel their distribution contract. Now, I’m working on St. Louis’s prominent big box grocer to do the same.

Why Chobani? Its Kurdish ethnic Turkish national CEO working in the United States loves to import refugees (“–”) to work in his yogurt plants. One of them is in Twin Falls, Idaho. Refugees in Twin Falls quasi-raped a five year old white girl recently.

I read in WND that the girl’s parents are at a loss for what to do. Because they don’t think they have any option. They (and we) can’t take on the Federal government who brought the refugees here, because it’s too big, powerful and abstract. We can’t do anything about the refugees themselves, because refugees are considered sympathetic downtrodden figures. Voting? Spare me. However, not all hope is lost here, because the choke point is Chobani and its CEO, because while the force of the Feds is used to bring the refugees in country, they need a business or NGO or humanitarian org partner to find a specific place within the country to settle them where they can have amenities and work. If we can do the Jack Ryan strategy (OD’s Jack Ryan, not the Clancy novels’ Jack Ryan), and make it personal against those people, make them suffer consequences and feel some sort of pain, then they’ll knock it off. Hurting Chobani’s business is an ideal way, another good way is to make its CEO’s personal life a living hell.

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