Nobody Cares About The Accomplishments Of Your Kids

Nobody but you the parents and the grandparents.

The rest of us do not care.

Bumperstickers are trashy. Bumperstickers advertising that your kids are on an honor roll are obnoxious. Bumperstickers advertising that your kids have good attendance at their Martin Luther King Elementary School are pathetic.

Bragging about your kids is annoying.

"My child was inmate of the month at the state correctional facility."

"My kid sold your honor student all the answers to the tests."

Those stickers I love.

Dennis Prager tackled this issue on his radio show this week. Prager said he loved military bumper stickers — my son is in the US Navy. That’s a patriotic statement. We can live without honor rolls. We can’t live without the military.

There’s nothing wrong with being proud of your kids, but do you have to advertise it on your car bumper?

Dennis: I don’t see anything good about it and I see a fair amount that isn’t good about it.

Bragging about your child. I never liked it as a child.

What if parents went the full ten yards and said ‘Proud parent of a child at Harvard.’ Why not? That’s even more rare than being on the honor roll. My parents could’ve done that with my brother. They could’ve done that with me. I went to Columbia.

I would’ve blown up the car. Not with them in it. I wouldn’t have committed paracide over it.

With all the people I know, we would’ve died if our parents had bragged about us on a bumper sticker.

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