The Program Destroying Blacks In America

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* Well what I mean by NWO is that there are policies put in place (not voted on) by the puppeteers of our government which are destroying the black communities and all of the other communities outside the top 2 percent.

Black rage should be focused on “the program”:

A. Mass low skill immigration
B. Unfair trade agreements
C. Govt attacks on Christianity/family/fatherhood
D. Second Amendment curtailment in inner cities

This program is the problem for blacks. This program should be the focus of the rage. Instead the focus is “da crackas” ……..

Btw There aren’t any prominent black activists protesting The Program because there’s no money in it! Soros won’t give you a dime unless you shut up about these issues.

* The problem is that your planks are still standard Conservatism Inc. boilerplate.

-Blacks dislike immigration, but are far more invested into resenting YT
-The shooter was probably a Muslim, or at the very least a fellow traveler
-The problem with black crime has little to do with gun control. Blacks in Toronto are also disproportionately violent. As are South African blacks.

For a black person to adopt even run-of-the mill conservatism, they are turning their back on 90% of their community. For one of them to become sympathetic to the ethnic continuity of white conservatives, is about as likely as either of us becoming Alawis in Bashar Assad’s army.

You are correct at BLM being a Soros directed movement, but you don’t see the resentment that is fueling it. It existed before any of us heard of Trayvon Martin or Ferguson, Missouri.

* He also published books with uniform sloppily written 5 star reviews (aka nobody read them).

His Amazon author page:

After completing an Associate’s degree in General Studies at Central Texas College, Cosmo then attended Clark Atlanta University to further his education. After a year and a half at Clark Atlanta as a dean’s list student, he had a spiritual revelation that resulted in him dropping out of college, selling his two cars, giving away all of his material possessions, packing two suitcases and journeying to Africa—his ancestral homeland.

While in Africa, Cosmo’s spiritual journey took him across Rwanda, Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Egypt, Ghana and Burkina Faso. During that time he frequented the highly treasured and revered mountainous regions of Africa and was taught by Africa’s native spiritual practitioners and elder holistic healers.

* Hatred of whiteness is the only acceptable prejudice in today’s society – once mostly the province of chin-stroking academics it has been given tacit legitimacy by the Administration and its officials over the past 7 years through repeatedly implying that disparities in incarceration rates down to school discipline are evidence of systemic racism, promoting the false narratives of Ferguson, and giving legitimacy to BLM and its leaders.

Essentially the president and others in positions of power have given the green light for race-based acting out, and given the higher than average rates of violence in everyday life for this group, it’s inevitable that it gets turned on totems of law and order. I think Obama is starting to realize what he unleashed (and I don’t think he thought it would got this far) but he’s also too invested in the the myths of black oppression to have the courage to actually try and calm things down beyond is self-serving pleas against division.

* A few observations here:

1. This affirms that in newspeak , a conversation (convo) 100% means “listen while I lecture to you”. You can’t have an actual conversation on YouTube, but you can present a lecture.

2. Not all blacks who still wear dashikis are cop killers, but all recent cop killers wear dashikis.

3. Another 3 byline special by the NYT, and yet between the 3 of them, they can’t even guess at a motive. Maybe they can get the reporters who wrote the stories about Dylan Roof – they had no problem reach a conclusion on even less information.

4. “The attack’s motive was unclear” – a new low. They couldn’t say “a rifle rampages in Baton Rouge”. Attacks don’t have motives. Attackers have motives.

5. Once again, the most dangerous Negroes are the mixed race type. Smart enough to THINK that they understand what is going on, but not actually smart enough to do so.

6. Too bad about Genius T. Coates. Better luck next time.

7. This “everything is spinning out of control” state of affairs DOES NOT help Hillary. Despite the media’s best efforts to portray these incidents as having nothing to do with nothing, people can see that the Obama/Hillary approach to terrorism, domestic and foreign, is totally ineffective at best (at worst, they are encouraging it) so that a vote for Hillary means 4 (or 8) more years of this with no end in sight.

* As if killing street cops was going to scare anyone with real power.

Harold Covington’s novels deal with the prospect of revolutionaries, serious revolutionaries, having to deal with the police in a far more serious matter. If you’re really going to have a revolution, the same people are going to be cops before as after. The only difference is who is going to sign their pay checks. While it might be necessary to get rid of an occasional bad actor, you do it discreetly and one on one, and you make every move considering that when it’s over the victorious revolutionaries and the cops have to live with each other. Murdering random cops is the worst possible move. Plus, and the bigger key, YOU HAVE TO GET AWAY WITH, and BE SEEN TO have gotten away with, whatever sanctions you take. If you kill two or three people only to be blown up, shot down, or arrested, tried and put in the slammer or get the needle, the system has won that skirmish. None of these dopes have figured that out.

* To the residents of Baton Rouge:

Sucks to be White and You.

Being a pussy has a price: Fear.

The “vomit in your mouth a little” kind of fear too many white folks have never known:

I’d like to recognize the folks who say, “why do you need a semi-automatic rifle, when our founding fathers have single-shot flintlocks, and never imagined semi-automatic rifles? Why can’t we just have single-loading weapons as our forefathers intended?”

One answer is, because back then, blacks weren’t free.

Now they are. How’s that been working out?

Twenty-five years from now, when our population has doubled, the stress on resources doubled–at least–do you think, pending any food or gas shortages, relations with blacks and everybody else, including blacks, will be better, the same, or not as good?

The rational conclusion might lead you to get your fanny to a gun range, and ask to join a class on weapons handling and shooting. When they approve of your skill, purchase a semi-automatic weapon, keep it in the bedroom closet, and thank me later.

If the fellows in the video had one in their closet, the look on their faces would be of semi-bemusement, instead of fear, not to mention they could have shot the moron in the head right then and there, and been the rock stars of their Neighborhood Watch group.

And isn’t that a good thing?

* The lying media went for a whole day with their “the motives are unclear” when one of his Youtube videos pretty explicitly went to discuss Dallas killings and how he “knew, knew long before that” the truth of what police does to black males in this uber racist country. A real mystery!

His account is now deleted but the cause of deletion is mis-stated:
“I Am Cosmo has been terminated because we received multiple third-party claims of copyright infringement regarding material the user posted.”

* The Narrative is no backlash allowed when the aggressor isn’t a WCM (White Christian Male).

When an aggressor is found with the slightest tendency to be a WCM:

(OKC-McVeigh, not religious),
(Norway, Breivik, not religious)
(Atlanta, Olympic bombing, questionable),
(Tucson, shooter was a mentally deranged “anarchist”)
(Charleston, shooter despised average conservatives,the victims were Christian)

* Comedian Chris Rock has said White people need to “own up” to their past and have more $guilt. He tweeted all about the Black guys that got shot recently.

Yet he is totally silent about the massacre of cops currently going on. Weird how that works.

* An (average) review of The Bonfire of the Vanities I saw on Goodreads.

At the time I read this book I was very ignorant about the politics of race in the USA, and reading it introduced me to my whiteness; it thoroughly decentred me and I never thought of myself as the universal again. Subsequently I tried to read some of Wolfe’s work on politics and architecture and I couldn’t, it was horrendous, and that reminded me that I don’t clearly remember the point of The Bonfire, I only remember the dynamics of race and class privilege being played out in a New York I had never imagined, and fractured in the body & mind of the protagonist.

A few years later I went to New York and was completely blown away and overwhelmed every moment by it. In some ways what I saw the reflection of this book; I was primed by it to see employment/class division on racial lines, groups maintaining their distinct identities. I want to add that I don’t see the latter as a bad thing at all – my perspective, formed in the UK, is that an ‘immigrant’ group in a ‘host’ culture should be able to maintain and celebrate their culture of origin and also be able to create and enjoy and celebrate identities as members of the welcoming, inclusive ‘host’ culture. But this model of immigrants and hosts, which is, now I think about it, pretty supremacist and hierarchical, is meaningless racist ignorance in New York, and Wolfe shows that it is meaningless racist ignorance. That’s why I think this is worth reading.

* The Baton Rouge murderer appears to have been fairly intelligent guy: he had wide interests, had some creative skills, and could write fairly well. It’s too bad he went down this road.

As noted, the posts have a narcissistic element which usually means that he actually was insecure and attempting to claim for himself all the things that he did not in fact have. Something of a black nerd, and the reference to Elliot Roger seems apt.

The whole masculine/mastery thing comes across as compensatory talk for not getting laid, so the 2.5 years of celibacy is no surprise. Sexual rejection is demonic when you are young. It’s not a surprise that #5 on his reading list was a bio of Barry White. (The reference to Smoove B was also very apt, those columns should be read with the Barry White voice in your head.)

I am less inclined to think that #BLM caused this than to think that #BLM provided this Black Raskolnikov with a target of opportunity. If not police officers, he probably would have shot some women who represented his rejections, a la Roger.

I also read the T. Genius article. Unfortunately, anytime he writes an article that modifies a statement of police officer murders with a “however” in the next sentence it comes across as a validation of those murders, and while I don’t think he means it that way he still has to work on his rhetoric. With regard to TNC, he totally lost it in the past two years, arguing (in his book) that Michael Brown was “murdered”, which isn’t accurate, and then with his repeated statements that he thinks all violent felons should be released from prison (along with other felons.) I mean at this point he has totally lost it.

* Why it’s hard to be a black in America: a) because you look different from everybody else; and (b), people who look like you murder at seven times the rate of everybody else, have an average IQ of 85, and in way too many cases are unable to function as responsible, self-supporting, law-abiding members of a modern Western-style democratic society.

Admit it. If you woke up one morning and discovered you would black, you would know instantly that life wasn’t going to be so easy going forward. You would have to be on your very best behavior and hope to dear heaven that you were born way above average.

* As physically repulsive as he [TNC] is, I dont really blame him for his endless rage at the world although I wish he’d stop directing it at whitey. Blacks don’t like faces as hideous as his, and that has nothing to do with “white beauty standards”; it evolutionarily predates the MRCAs of all living humans.

I place the blame for the atrocity of his influence firmly on his bosses’ shoulders. Out of the millions of Americans and hundreds of thousands of blacks more intelligent than he, they chose to give him the megaphone.

* The shooter is a Tragic Mulatto.

Listen to the first few minutes of his video in which he hands out his book to a couple of backyard bruthas.

Like some revival preacher, he desperately pitches them on his Good Book, giving it away free. He doesn’t even know the dudes he is talking to. He talks down to them, referring to them as “you darker bruthas” and tries to create solidarity and belongingness by saying he “knows” the suffering and oppression they “go through”. (And, by implication, confesses that he does NOT experience.)

Like Obama, the shooter needed to feel he is a part of something, loved by someone, looked up to by someone, for something … ANYthing.

One of the tragedies of WEB Dubois’ Talented Tenth ideology is the racial alienation and guilt it produces in some intelligent (read: “mixed race”) black folks. Dubois teaches smart black folks to separate themselves, leave the ghetto, go off and get an education. And, like Obama’s wife, they do so with a sigh of relief. Why relief? Because they like living in safety, comfort, and being around smarter, higher motivated people. And that is where they get stuck, particularly if they wind up attending a white college in a white community. Alienated and separated from regular, everyday black folks, yet too different to really be a part of white society. Neither fish nor fowl.

If the shooter had stayed in the black community, if he had gone to Howard and made intelligent black friends, there’s a good chance he would have bonded with similar “strivers” and found a middle class, educated, Talented Tenth community in which to live (Atlanta?), instead of trolling the ghetto and handing out self-improvement books to guys who don’t even read, and ultimately shooting some cops to prove he was “down wif da hood”.

* Don’t you know that a black guy openly proclaiming on video that he is going to shoot white cops no more establishes motives for his shooting of white cops than an organization labeling itself “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria” means it’s Islamic?

* For lone wolf attacks like this, I think the best model is that there’s a susceptible population of messed up people out there, and your movement can sometimes capture their imagination, so that when they crack, they do it in a particular direction. ISIS and Al Qaida actively try to get lone wolf types to do this. BLM doesn’t, but their pool of susceptible people is a lot larger in the US.

The way the prestige media cover mass shootings (and these are a specific kind of mass shooting) is like a set of step by step instructions for the next crazy person who wants to go out in a blaze of glory. You kill a few strangers, and suddenly you’ll be posthumously famous and strangers will read your manifesto and know your name. We reward exactly what we don’t want.

* You could tie together a lot of the discussion on ISteve into single theme: the collapse of opportunity and direction for 95-105 IQ men in general, or the Hollowing Out of the (Bell Curve ) Hump. That’s what the “hollowing out of the economy” is: the end of jobs for that large demographic, and that filters down to how our schools are structured. The entire educational system clusters its focus on the tails. That’s demographically the “coalition of the fringes”-the tails.

And do our social myths. The dignity of the skilled common man has gone as well- partially papered over by elites who deride the post-WWII prosperity boom under that countaer-narrative of the 1950′s being some kind of fascist hellhole.

* As is now abundantly clear, giving in to blacks only empowers their sense of racial grievance.

* The narrative wins and we all lose. Every single NYT comment in the article is about gun control. Because we live amongst wild savages we need guns. But those same savages are savage and kill each other. Therefore, to protect them from themselves they cannot have guns and by proxy we cannot have guns.

* On Drudge today, a headline: “Obama: Police Can ‘Make the Job of Being a Cop a Lot Safer’ by Admitting Their Failures.”

What unmitigated gall! Here’s how Obama responds when others point out his failures:

Earlier, during the event, Mr. Obama became visibly cross and responded tartly after Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick of Texas questioned whether the president was doing enough to support law enforcement. Mr. Patrick admonished him to “consider being careful” with his words after police confrontations so that he does not reflexively blame the officers.

“Words matter — your words matter,” Mr. Patrick said. “Put on the blue lights,” he added, noting that the president had bathed the White House in colorful lights in the past to honor other groups.

“I have been unequivocal in condemning any rhetoric directed at police officers,” Mr. Obama said, offering to send Mr. Patrick copies of his comments on the subject. “I appreciate the sentiment; I think it’s already being expressed.”

Obama loves apologizing for the sins of pre-Obama America. C.S. Lewis called this “the sin of detraction masquerading as the virtue of contrition.” Obama will never apologize for anything he’s personally responsible for.

* You almost wonder if at some point the media need to adopt the policy of TV networks with regard to people who run on the field during sporting events: Don’t show them.

(I know this isn’t practical and is likely impossible, but it conceptually interesting).

* It is going to get worse. Up until now they have been going after the hard targets, cops.

Wait until they start going after non-hard targets, like random whites.

Of course, there has been a low-level race war going on for quite some time already, but I suspect they are going to get more serious from now on.

Of course, given their general lack of competence, especially in the thinking department, it will not turn out well for them.

Did you see the reaction of Nice residents to that loser they call their PM:

* I still think the best take on Coates was this from John McWhorter:

I bring it up because I think fundamentally, while all of us are predisposed to religion as human beings, some people and groups are more predisposed; until recently, blacks spend far more time in religious services than other groups ( )
My sense, however, is that church attendance for black men has fallen off a cliff (my wife and I intermittently attend a predominantly black church and it looks to be 6:1 female to male everywhere but the pulpit and the choir.) My guess is that for people like the Baton Rouge killer, the seductions of other manias- whether BLM, or alpha/beta silliness, or Africana pilgrimages, or “I’m a modern-day Budokan warrior” stuff- is much greater now that that old time religion has been displaced from regular life.

I also of course think that the abandonment of civic religion- call it citizenism or patriotism or just “all lives matter”- is a dangerous thing as well, leaving far too much room for other garbage to creep in to our civic space. (This is something I wrote about Christian rhetoric and civic/bourgeois identity in the civil rights movement and its aftermath:

* What we need right now is something to calm the brothers down like, oh I don’t know, a Nat Turner biopic.

* A brief perusal of his “CWC” website gives the impression that he’s a bit of a meglomaniac: a faux-intellectual (yeah – he read some books – wow!) Alpha-male, entrepreneur, life-coach, spiritual-guide. I guess when he realized that nobody wanted to buy his books or talk to him on the phone for $140 an hour or that no woman (apparently) wanted to go out with him, he blew a gasket and did his afro-jihad thing.

* It does seem odd. Riling up the black population against the regime when your own side is already the regime. Not just in the sense that Steve has often talked about – the progressives being the establishment for decades. But in the literal incumbent black Democrat President sense.

If these people are going to be fired up to vote for Hillary, to put things right – at last! Who they hell do they think has been in charge for the last eight years?

* The progressives want the central government to become ever larger with even more authority. Even though they have the presidency, they don’t have Congress. They don’t exercise control over the nation’s police departments, which are the largest decentralized police force in the world. They don’t exercise control over all the state legislatures and governors’ mansions. They don’t exercise full control over the nation’s school districts. The list goes on and on.

Progressives would like to have a highly centralized government so that one only needs to capture the heights of the presidency to exercise total control. They’ve already used the Ferguson unrest to get the Justice Department to insert itself into several police forces. They will use the current round of conflict to get even more control over our decentralized police.

* Damn, Gavin Long’s voracious reading puts me to shame. Clearly a very intelligent guy. The rapid 80-lb weight loss caught my attention. There is a link between rapid weight loss and depression and identity issues (among other mental problems). If I had to guess I would say this is less about BLM and more about one guy’s untreated mental issues.

* “If you woke up one morning and discovered you would black, you would know instantly that life wasn’t going to be so easy going forward. You would have to be on your very best behavior and hope to dear heaven that you were born way above average.”

I think if you have an IQ of 85, you don’t have the capability for insight like that. The gap in understanding and shared experience between people separated by one standard deviation in IQ is marked; people across a gulf of two or three might as well be from different planets. You have profoundly different reality tunnels.

The hallmark of average or below average blacks is a profound absence of mind. Police procedural TV shows are absurd because the perps, especially the black perps, reason through everything just like you would. An antidote to this, as many other commenters have pointed out, is The First 48 where you can see this almost alien (un)reasoning in (in)action.

One of the few times the public has ever purposely had their attention drawn to the reasoning faculties of a sub-85 IQ black was the testimony of Rachael Jeantel during the Zimmerman trial. The media did their best to rehabilitate her but it was too late. What everyone saw was someone so dishonest, hostile and stupid that it was almost amazing.

One begins to wonder how laws could apply to someone like Rachael Jeantel at all if she could barely understand them, could barely understand what “law” is. And then they have to remember that understanding and be able to intuitively apply — that’s just not gonna happen.

Let’s spell it out: a huge swathe of blacks are functionally retarded without having a biological syndrome.

* Lunatics, for all their lunacy, have an uncanny ability to pick up what is “in the air” and connect it to their delusions. Before the space age, no nutcase ever claimed to have been abducted by aliens and then suddenly there were thousands of UFO sightings (these seem to have died back down as people have moved on to other obsessions).

The media and political leaders and movements have the ability to shape the narrative and the sick receive these messages and hear them in their own twisted way. So when the BLM says that black people have legitimate grievances against the police, Cosmo receives the message as “kill the pigs”.

When conservatives supposedly send these subliminal messages to their followers , they are instantly (and in most cases totally falsely) accused of “dog whistling” but apparently leftists (according to the media narrative) don’t own any dog whistles so that when Cosmo explodes he’s just a crazy guy who had nothing to do with anything and certainly not with speeches that Obama has made blaming the police for persecuting blacks.

* Beergate “worked” in the sense that Obama learned his lesson and largely kept his mouth shut on racial issues up until recently (and now that he has opened his mouth again, the foot went right back in). Obama is a lame duck who doesn’t care but secretly the Hillary people must be apoplectic – all she wanted was black people just riled enough to come out and vote for her, not this, which is going to cost her more white votes than she is going to gain in black votes.

* It’s not about black lives. It’s about non-blacks killing blacks, period. I really cannot fault them for this. Their behavior is normal. It is white and European behavior that is abnormal. Watch the local news sometime when a white family member is interviewed after their loved one has been killed by a black. They go out of their way to show their family doesn’t have a hateful bone in their body. Or watch the reaction of white officials in a place like Rotherham. They go out of their way to ignore what is happening, lest they bring too much attention to the fact that the offenders were non-white.

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