3 Cops Shot Dead In Baton Rouge

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* Leftists stigmatize fear and hatred and expect Trump to fall in line to their bidding. That is like Nadal saying to Federer and Djokovic hard courts are no good and we should play all matches on clay. Who benefits?

* I’m reminded that 40% of black college students believe the US government created HIV to kill black people. It’s so common even Obama’s longtime pastor believes it. Unnamed sources for all that, of course. If you really believe that then aren’t you justified in killing the people who did that…and maybe even the people who vote for who did that. I mean why spare the rest of us when we’re the ones who keep voting for people when all the evidence our government created HIV is right in front of us.

* This reminds me a lot of what I’m reading about the Socialist government over in France at the moment. They too are trying to put the toothpaste back in the tube. The Hollande gang have been running a ‘coalition of the fringes’, post-national regime eerily similar to Obama’s but in just the last day or so have been appealing to “patriotic French” to volunteer for a police auxiliary force. People online are saying this might be the first time the Interior Minister has used the word “patriotic” in his entire political life.

* Looks like the doer is a black sovereignist, aka sovereign citizen. In spite of the stereotype that SC is entirely a white hyperindividualist thing, in recent years, a lot of “problacktard” and “Hotep” and “Hebrew Israelite” sort of blacks have taken it up. Why, I don’t know, but they have.

This also means that we should be ready for the media, with assistance from the SPLC, to confuse and muddy the issue deliberately. They’ll highly censor his blackness and play up his SC, and they’ll make us think that SC instead of race was the straw that stirred the drink, all the while showing us video and stills of white SCs.


* He was the son Obama never had.

* It took about ten seconds for the lapdog media to announce that Obama “will address the nation today.”

Looks like the Alinskyite rabble-rousing is working exactly according to plan…

* If you squint hard and tilt your head, you can kind of make out the smoke from a train many miles away from the station.

* When will someone on Trump’s team lay out the case for Obama share of the responsibility for situation as it exists today? The facts are clear, going all the way back to his Philadelphia speech (when he threw his white grandmother under the bus), the Skip Gates fiasco run-in with model police officer Crowley, the Trayvon Martin affair, Michael Brown in Ferguson, Baltimore, etc., etc. He never took an evenhanded p.o.v., or even tried to.

* Anybody else notice that flying the flag at half mast seems quite a bit more common than it was some decades ago? Maybe I’m remembering inaccurately, but as I recall from my youth, flying the flag half mast in mourning was kind of extraordinary. Nowadays it seems like it’s half mast more days a month than it is not. It’d be really interesting to see a graph showing statistics for this over the past 60 – 70 years.

Tough to say what might be the reasons… more tragedies, more media consciousness or mere eager actionism attempting to make some little civic gesture that attempts to unite a diverse and divided populace otherwise united by so little.

* You have to figure that these attacks on cops will burn out fairly quickly. How many suicidal black guys are there out there, after all?

The media shove all of this down the memory hole as fast as possible so that no one remembers in November. However, the police won’t forget. If I was them, I’d say to the black community, “You’re on your own. We won’t patrol your areas. We’ll take a lot of time to answer calls. If a suspect runs, let him go.”

Black neighborhoods will get even worse. Of course, blacks will blame the police. But for the individual cop, would you rather have blacks complaining about the department in general or risk your individual life or career by dealing with blacks. The choice seems clear to me.

* How about an Oxford style debate on the proposition: Obama shares responsibility for the sad state of race relations in America today? Who could best argue the affirmative? The negative?

* The last time I had an extended conversation with my law enforcement relatives about their jobs was about a year ago. Back then, they were all grumbling with barely-suppressed anger at the Obama administration, whom they blamed for making their jobs more dangerous.

I imagine at this point they’re close to what leftists would call a “pre-revolutionary” state.

* Everyone ready for the Obama-’scuses?

– “was radicalized”

– “mentally ill”

– “aspiring loosies [or CD] salesman”

– “his mama say he be a good boy”

– “uniquely vulnerable”

– “understandable disconnect between communities and police”

– “senseless violence” (“unless, of course, you take my nonstop dog whistling into account”)

– “must build bridges”

– “not who we are”

– “fell in with the wrong crowd”

– “can’t untangle his motives”

– “easier to get a gun than a bus ticket back to Kansas City”

– “police acted stupidly”

Ten days: eight policemen murdered by two blacks. At this rate. . .no, I don’t want to think about that, but I expect that every policeman in the United States is thinking about nothing but that.

Yet, carried to year’s end, that rate works out to another 132 black assassinations of police officers; and that doesn’t take into account any further Islamic jihad eruptions.

And the Cleveland GOP convention is nigh. . . .

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