French Political Scientist Nona Mayer: They [National Front’ Are Unknitting The Social Fabric of Society’

Many Jews object to the phrase “America First.” So what country should Americans put first? Israel?

Perhaps America should put good values first. So whose values? Biblical values? So what would those Biblical values teach?

If you take your religion seriously, you have to put your religion before your nation, right? It helps when your religion and nation are inextricably tied together. I don’t know why any Protestant nation would let in anyone who wasn’t Protestant, why any Jewish nation would let in anyone who wasn’t Jewish, why any Catholic nation would let in anyone who wasn’t Catholic, and so forth. The more divided a country, the weaker.

Christianity is flexible. For hundreds of years, it was part of the rise of the white West. Over the past 100 years, it has been a major force for the destruction of the white race.

Judaism’s conception of the Jew is that he is to be a blessing wherever he goes in the world. Until recently, I took that for granted. I took it for granted that Jews are a blessing for every country that hosts them. Now I’m more open to different perspectives.

One thing that shook me up about 16 years ago was when an Orthodox Jewish therapist friend said that for a week in graduate school, they were required to read anti-Jewish writings and a few hours into the assignment, she became anti-Jewish, and was greatly relieved when the assignment ended.

The Jews I know are excellent doctors, dentists, lawyers, accountants, professors and writers. They’re making America a better country. They generate jobs. They pay taxes and raise responsible children.

Jews tend to fear other monotheistic religions and gentile nationalisms even as they embrace their own Jewish nationalism.

The stronger the gentile’s racial, religious or national identity, the more likely he is to have negative views of aliens in his in country. Strong Americans, for instance, are not going to take kindly to their fellow citizens putting the welfare of another country ahead of America.

Until the 1960s, most American Jews, and most American minorities, felt strong social pressure to put America first publicly. Since the multicultural revolution of the 1960s, it has become more acceptable for minorities to put their own concerns first ahead of the country.

A healthy country requires its citizens to put the country first in their national identity.

So how will Jews respond to the growing nationalism around the West? By publicly putting their country of citizenship first. In their hearts and in their private deeds, they might still put Jews first, but in a healthy nationalistic country, there is strong social pressure for all citizens to put their country first in public.

In Pico-Robertson, I saw a home flying on its roof a tiny American flag and a giant Israel flag. In a healthy nationalistic America, it would be unacceptable to publicly put another country’s welfare ahead of America.

As long as America remains a dominantly Protestant country, Jews do not have to fear genocide as no Protestant country has slaughtered its Jews and Protestants tend to look at people as individuals rather than as representatives of groups. Every year, however, America becomes less Protestant, thus placing Jews in increasing danger.

For the past 500 years, the WASP has been the Jew’s best friend.

I just watched this New York Times documentary: “Aftershock: How Terrorism Sways Politics

In it, political scientist Nona Mayer says that the National Front unstitches France’s social fabric.

According to an English translation of her Wikipedia entry:

She is also interested in activism associations, the racism and the anti-Semitism .

Alongside its research activities, she participates in the network RAXEN (Racism and Xenophobia European Network) and comparative investigation “Group Focused Enmity” led by Professor Wilhelm Heitmeyer (Bielefeld)

If I were a citizen of France, I would vote for the National Front.

John Rivers tweets:

Whites were told to abandon any racial identity to set an example for the other races, to teach them how not to be tribal.

Growing up, I dreamed of a truly colorblind America. I thought, eventually, groups like the NAACP & La Raza would wither away.

I was wrong.

NAACP, BLM, La Raza, AIPAC – tribal identity groups are only getting stronger in Diversity America. It’s time that Whites created their own.

In a Multi-Ethnic Empire like Diversity America, the only way to advance your interests is to tribe up. And Whites do have Shared Interests.

I would have preferred that none of us were in tribal or racial groups. I kinda liked being a right-wing, deracinated libertarian guy.

Whites want an end to Affirmative Action because we are the targets of it. We are punished. It’s our Shared Interest to end it.

Instead of trying to shame other groups into abandoning their Shared Interests, which will never work. We should organize & protect our own.

It’s ok for Blacks to have Shared Ethnic Interests and the NAACP. It’s ok for Hispanics to have La Raza. Whites need their own groups, too.

The ideal strategy is to be Ethnocentric while demanding competing groups be Universalist. It’s a win-win. For you.


In simulations, Ethnocentrics who preferentially cooperate w/ co-ethnics always beat Universalists in the long run.

Blacks want more Affirmative Action. Whites want less. Once you abandon Universalism you see these are just competing Ethnic Interests.

Blacks aren’t bad ppl for wanting more Affirmative Action.
And lions aren’t bad for eating the antelope.
Still not in the antelope’s interest.

Once you realize most pleas to Universalism are just another Ethnocentric Tactic – the world makes a lot more sense.

There’s no Universal Moral Right or Wrong here.
Just the inherent conflict of Nature.
Genetics in action.

Ethnic strife is inevitable in a multi-ethnic empire as ppl defect from universalism and embrace tribalism.

Steve Sailer writes: “You can impose some functional Universalism as long as other groups’ Ethnocentrism not off limits to criticism.”

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