Blacks & Police

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* As a LEO, it’s always interesting when you see what people think law enforcement is vs. What the reality is.

For example, the idea every police officer is a sniper/marksman when the shit hits the fan. Reality is it’s a mission to get people to practice with their own pistol on their own time. Fitness is the same way.

Darren Wilson got dragged through the mud, but he seemed like he took policing seriously on all fronts.

There are a few problems with this, some of them self-inflicted and some not. First of all, you have to take black people in contact with the police as they are. If they were smarter and had better social skills then chances are they would not be contact with the police in the first place.

2nd, and this is much more controllable, is that “black pride” / machismo causes some of them to be defiant in the presence of authority- they just can’t bring themselves to be compliant and deferential to the hated po -lice.

Somewhere in between the two is the fact that at the time of their encounters with the popo, they may be under the influence of various mind altering substances so their already not very formidable intellect is further “blunted”.

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