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What’s The Matter With Men?

New Yorker: What’s the matter with men? Virtual Pilgrim comments: “Luke’s discussion about what men want in terms of relationship and sex compared to what women want Is a totally worldly point of view. There may be some truth underneath … Continue reading

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The Bright Side Of Fame

I just listened to a podcast on the dark side of fame and I started thinking about some of the positive sides of fame that I have experienced: * Free travel; * Easy money; * I got more opportunities to … Continue reading

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The Crisis Crisis (1-24-23)

Andrew comments: So right about Ann [Coulter]. Considering everything, a woman in her 60’s, no children, luckless in love, socially vilified, in political life for years with all it brings,its slings & arrows. She sounds amazingly together content vivacious and … Continue reading

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