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Were The Lockdowns Good Or Bad?

00:00 Taking an Uber/Lyft these days is like playing the lotto 02:00 On a date when surge pricing hits 03:00 My nightmare about trying to record on my iphone before a UCLA panel discussion 05:00 The Etiology of Victimology | … Continue reading

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What Is Post-Modernism?

Comments at Andrew Gelman: * “Postmodernism” in the humanities and humanistic social sciences arose out of the failure of the mid-century modernist idea that you could treat human beings and their behavior like classical-physics particles–categorizing them, modeling them, and predicting … Continue reading

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I sense that much of the audience for talk radio and right-wing punditry feels emasculated. The world has changed and they don’t know how to cope. The more successful part of the audience also sees that the world has changed, … Continue reading

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