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Mormon Mommy Blogs

Jane the Jewess* says: I look at these Mormon mommy blogs all day at work. What does that mean? I had to leave work early yesterday because it was starting to make me feel ill because I was obsessing so … Continue reading

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Getting Around The Rules

Steven: Mormon murder victim Travis Alexander thought you could get around the rules if you have sex with non-vaginal orifices. I think it’s amusing that any religious person could imagine that mouth sex and butt sex are genuine loopholes around … Continue reading

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How Do Religious Kids Rebel?

How do Orthodox Jewish teens rebel while staying within the Orthodox community? They do things they can hide, such as texting or watching TV on Shabbos, porn, sex, alcohol and drug abuse…or the more intellectually inclined might study forbidden books … Continue reading

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Mormons vs Seventh-Day Adventists

Yesterday, I wrote about the great joy I felt hearing for the first time at age 12 the forbidden pop melody “Sing a Song” by the Carpenters. Pop music was a sin in my Adventist upbringing, in my home anyway. … Continue reading

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Are Mormons A Cult?

Dennis Prager writes: As an American, a Republican, and a fiscal and social conservative — and though I have endorsed no Republican candidate — there is one thing that would disturb me greatly if Mitt Romney were not the Republican … Continue reading

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