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What’s Up With Ron Unz?

Ron Unz has been on a tear of late writing essays about 9/11 conspiracy theories and Holocaust denial and the evils of Judaism and the like. A friend says: One of the things that bothers me about the persons who … Continue reading

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White Nationalism Is Dead: Now What?

Brett Stevens writes: Politics forms a sub-heading under philosophy for a reason: where philosophy aims at the unchanging, politics looks at the dynamic of power which shifts frequently. As such, the problem with political terms is that often we target … Continue reading

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Trump Versus The Courts

* Daniel Horowitz: Unless we heed Clarence Thomas’ warning, SCOTUS ‘travel ban’ victory is hollow * Fox News: Sessions vows ’emergency’ Supreme Court battles amid ‘outrageous’ discovery rulings by federal judges * Trump calls Stormy Daniels ‘Horseface’ * “People just … Continue reading

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Invasion Of The NPCs

* Non-Player Characters * James Kuntsler writes: ” Speaking as a black woman… wait second! Can I do that? Well, why not. We’re now a nation consumed by make-believe, in which you can declare anything you want about yourself and … Continue reading

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Can The Church Regain Its Moral Authority?

Claire Khaw suggests these topics: 1) Could the Catholic Church regain its moral authority within the lifetimes of anyone born today? 2) If the world’s most powerful Church has failed, does this mean Christianity has failed? 3) Is the West … Continue reading

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