Luke Ford – Torah Weirdo

Chaim Amalek writes:

I love this piece!  And I especially love that Greenberg got this quote out of someone at one of Luke’s old temples:

"He was one of the Torah weirdos….you get all sorts of people showing up in shul and we bust them."

Luke Ford – Torah weirdo.

Luke, I want to hear more about the other "Torah weirdos" they bust at your  old temple.  If nothing else, this sounds like it would make a great title for a book or magazine article.
"Torah Weirdos of LA"
"Torah Weirdos"
"Torah Weirdos and the Men who Bust Them"
"I Busted Up a Torah Weirdo but Good Last Shabbos"
and finally:
"Torah Weirdos for Christ"

Khunrum writes:

Come on awready. Telling a Jew not to gossip is like warning a Catholic not to play with his dick. Everyone loves gossip. And of course Luke is a weirdo. So what’s new? This article will be a huge plus and garner more readers. Like Warhol observed, all publicity good or bad is good.

The one disturbing thing I saw however, was Luke himself. Luke, you’ve lost your pretty boy Hollywood looks. Grecian Formula can’t do anything for a pudgy face. Had your acting career gotten off the heliopad you’d be playing character roles by now (think later day Ed Asner). Get outside and jog around a bit. Lose a few lbs me boy. You’ll feel and look better.

Bob writes: "I liked the video piece where Luke took time to feature not only his gay music taste, but his medications. His medications? Will this help you score more chicks? Doubtful. Your career path is seems to be paralleling Britney Spears’. BTW I note that when running down your pharmaceuticals you forgot to mention your recreational Viagra use."

Khunrum writes: "Luke…The hair…Who did the hair? It appears to be a hair weave done by a blind hairdresser on LSD. Didn’t you check a mirror before the cameras rolled?"

Fred writes: "The video clip in which you give a tour of your psychiatric drug supplies is interesting. I suppose if I were a self-promotor, I would not have done that."

Bob writes: "Luke Ford and Liza Minelli.  Separated at birth?"

About Luke Ford

I've written five books (see My work has been followed by the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and 60 Minutes. I teach Alexander Technique in Beverly Hills (
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