Were The American Soldiers In Iraq Saving Our Lives?

So I’m watching the opening minutes of episode three of Aaron’s Sorkin’s HBO show “The Newsroom.” And the leftists on the show are waxing indignant at Republicans during a presidential primary debate booing soldier Steven Hill in Iraq who asks the candidates if they want to roll back the progress gays like him are making in the military.

The leftists keep saying that American soldiers in Iraq are “saving our lives” and how dare these Republicans boo a serving soldier.

Hmm. So is that the left-wing view of American intervention in Iraq? That it is saving our lives? No. But when it serves them, the left trots out this trope.

I don’t like this show but watch it faithfully. The West Wing was similarly preachy on lefty themes but it was more entertaining.

The anchor on the show says he has a civilizing mission. That he wants to make people nicer and more decent. And he gets up on his cross and makes out he’s a martyr when he gets blowback for calling the Tea Party America’s Taliban. How many thousands of people has the Tea Party murdered? None? So what an obscene comparison with the Taliban. But that’s how people like Aaron Sorkin think.

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