Villaraigosa’s Troubles Just Beginning

Possible mayor’s girls in addition to Mirthala Salinas and Sabrina Kay and Cecile Ablack:

Tina Choi, planning commissioner

Unnamed Deputy on mayor’s security detail

Cynthia Ruiz (president of the Board of Public Works of the City of Los Angeles)

Celine Cordero (Homeland security for Los Angeles)

Jennie Carreon de Lacey (LAUSD school administrator)

Patricia Higuera (more, more) Pregnant Latina La Raza Activist Attorney

Haco HoangPolicy analyst for mayor, Poli Sci prof

Serena Zeise, Special Assistant to the Mayor.

From a post to MayorSam:

Villaraigosa’s troubles are only beginning. Maybe now the news media will begin looking into the name-changing. Antonio maintains it was the result of his 1987 wedding to Corina. But check the records. Court records show that the name change didn’t take place until 1988. Why? Check our Antonio’s credit reports pre-Corina. His credit was worse than Angentina’s. The story circulating that time was that Antonio was using th name-change as a ploy to generate a new credit record — or at least to confuse the TRW computers enough by challenges to the existing record. In effect, the name-change was nothing more than using Corina for a credit scam.

Rita of Sunland posts: "Greetings Mayor Sam– notice there’s been little mention of the mayor during this week’s city council meetings? HIS NAME IS TEMPORARILY MUD! Gotta take every earnest suggestion he makes from now on w/ a grain of chili. He wants us to use 10% less water? Sure, when he uses 10% less women!"

Anonymous posts: "He’s never going to recover from this. It’s just not the infidelities, it’s the fact that he is a laughing stock and it is not going to stop. His advisor’s solution to get him more on camera and to make more personal appearance is ridiculous. Good for Jay Leno, though. My favorite name is Antonio TakeOffYourBlousa."

Anon posts: "The fundamental problem for Antonio is that when you peel away the flash and sizzle of his frenetic ribbon cutting and relatively meaningless public activity, he is nothing more than a hollywood set–a facade. There’s nothing there behind the walls of his "Desperate Housewives" set he has built at City Hall."

Allan Bartlett posts:

Speaking of a come to Jesus moment for Reconquista….I can just picture him in the confessional with Cardinal Mahony:

AV:Forgive me father for I have sinned.

CM: Tell me about some these sins Antonio. Whatever they are, God will forgive them.

AV: well okay. There was this really hot chick from Telemundo that I have been banging. Before that I screwed around with my best friends wife while my wife was going through chemo therapy. Now I moved on to this really hot Korean lady. I don’t know what to do. My family hates me. The fine illegal aliens I represent in LA are starting to turn on me. I feel my life is crumbling. To top it off, I think one of the woman might be pregnant. I know the church is against abortion, but I just can’t have another child out of wedlock. I told myself that would never happen again.

CM: God forgives you of all these sins Antonio. That’s the way it works. You sin, I forgive. Look at me. I have enabled hundreds of priests over the years to keep molesting little kids, but all I do is ask for God’s forgiveness and it’s all good. The important thing is that you’re doing the Lords work of helping out all the illegals in LA. Keep up the great work on that front

AV: Gee thanks CM. I feel a lot better now.

Anon posts: "Anyone notice that the webmaster at removed the Villaraigosa family photo from that photo slideshow?"

Anon posts: "Interesting development on the Korean angle and it may make sense of a rumor that several times during the China trip no one could find the mayor. Was he engaged in an intensive personal study of Asia culture? This is better than the soaps."

Anon posts:

Speaking of non-appearances…did AV appear at the Fremont College commencement a week ago, or was he a no-show there too?

""The Honorable Mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa, will be addressing the first graduating class of Fremont College in Cerritos during the commencement ceremony on June 29.""

Guess who operates the college?

"This expansion initiates a paradigm shift in education for young adults to reach their full potential, and changes their lives for the better in rapidly-growing, in-demand industries," said Sabrina Kay, Fremont College Chairman and CEO.

Anon posts: "I bet Antonio will spin this. "Yes, I slept with that reporter in order to get good press for our beloved City. Yes, I slept with the Korean to get more Korean investments in our dear City. I did it for you, for all of you (tear in his eye).""

Anon posts: "La Opinion did report on the story, just not much coverage and they went easy on him. There was a blurb on the front page but the small story was three pages in. They don’t like to attack their Mexican. Of course now that he’s dating a Korean, that may change."

Anon posts: "Speaking of La Opinion and their non-coverage of romantic scandal, did anyone watch 11 p.m. news on Univision Thursday night? Guess who they asked to comment on how this might affect the mayor’s career and whether Salina’s relationship was a conflict of interest? Fabian Nunez. And there was no mention of his ties either individual. Does anybody know anything about journalism anymore?"

Anon posts: "Don’t you find it odd that La Opinion is staying away from the story,KMEX are doing fluff pieces with Nunez as the cheerleader while the competition in floundering. Wouldn’t you think they would pounce on it? I find it really, really odd."

Anon posts: "Three days in a row La Opinion mentions this issue but puts it on page three. They go very light on this issue, saying it won’t affect his career. There is just the tiniest blurb on the start page then a short story about it. They are glossing over it."

Anon posts: "Such as: one of the Mayor’s climate warming SUV’s had a partition installed betwen the driver and the rear of the vehicle. Officially its becuse of sensitive Counter Terrorism information that is shared back there (Federal funds paid for it) but in relity it was his Sex Mobile."

Anon posts: "The way this guy goes at it, he needs more than one "sex mobile" – he needs a fleet parked side by side so he can quickly hop from one to another to another…"

Anon posts:

About two months ago, Adriana Martinez, a Stanford educated staffer for Antonio Villaraigosa was abruptly fired. Adriana was raised in Boyle Heights and she was student body president at Roosevelt High, the school that Antonio dropped out of. You would think this is someone that Antonio would want ot keep on staff. But rumor has it that Adriana knew too much. She was a former classmate of Jennie Carreon and some say also the target of Antonio’s advances.

Adriana is a planning commisioner in the City of Alhambra and the wife of Councilman Luis Ayala, who is a current Gloria Molina deputy. She just voted to give a development contract to a convicted felon who pleaded guilty to bribery.

Adriana and Luis met while interning for Xavier Becerra in D.C.. What did Adriana know that got her fired? Or should we ask, who did she talk to that got her fired? Could it be that Adriana confided in Corina all the Antonio drama after she got fired? A little payback perhaps?

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