Captivity – The Movie, The Party

A source writes:

Party mentioned in LA Times today.

Good news: every single major publication in America that has a west coast correspondent is trying to get into the Captivity party.

Bad news: Every d list actor/musician/model/hooker/whatever is also trying to get in

Good news: Privilege, which is about to get bulldozed in late July, has given After Dark Films free reign to just about do anything it damn well pleases.

Bad news: The basement V.I.P room where all torture, sex, cage fighting was going to happen, just like it did in the underground Russian nightbclubs of the 1990s, was flooded when a toilet overflowed last week. changes are being made on the fly.

Good news: NY Times story has the club folks in L.A. going wild to see just what’s gonna go down on tuesday.

bad news: The NY Times story freaked out, the cage fighting website that was gonna cover the event live. "This is too rough for us," they said. When reminded that they ask fans to pay money to see grown men bleed and get their heads bashed to watermelons, they cut the shit and got back on board.

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