Who’s The Woman On Antonio’s Security Detail?

ERSNews.com broke this story July 3: "“He’s now dating one of the members of his LAPD protective detail,” this source revealed."

Adriana posts: "Here’s the latest I heard from inside sources — the Mayor has been dating a woman on his security detail after dumping the t.v. anchor. The Mayor allegedly spotted her at the police dept. and said he wanted the woman he saw on his detail. He was told only those from the Metro division are assigned to this kind of detail and it’s very hard to make that happen. Apparently getting into Metro division is not an easy task and is highly sought after. Allegedly, strings were pulled and this woman whisked through the process and ended up on his detail– this one would be easy to check–find out who the new woman on detail is who was moved into Metro with a quick and speedy and highly unusual transfer to be with the Mayor. Confirm with LAPD sources to suss out veracity."

Here’s the Korea Times report on planning commissioner Sabrina Kay and Villaraigosa. Anyone fluent in Korean?

Here’s Sabrina and the mayor at a banquet in Shanghai, China. Another in China.

Papa Ray comments to Gateway Pundit: "If his new squeeze is anything like a little Korean gal I knew about thirty years ago…he is going to miss a lot of work…and not even care."

I emailed Sabrina Kay these important questions:

What is the nature of your relationship with the mayor?

What is it like to be the center of so much attention?

Are your breasts real?

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