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ESPN 30 For 30: What Carter Lost

This documentary is a good metaphor for the black experience in America. It starts out talking about what fine folks attended the black Carter High School in Dallas. How the community was comprised of doctors, PhDs, professionals and the like. … Continue reading

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Suzi At Yale

Mark Oppenheimer writes about the original American campus sex scandal starring a Jewess named Suzi who gave a ton of blowjobs at age 14: News that Yale boys had been getting blowjobs from a townie—a freshman townie—was bad news indeed. … Continue reading

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Jewish Hebdo

I don’t see much significance to this accomplishment: “Asked to name highlights of his tenure, Eshman pointed to two. In 2015, Islamic terrorists in Paris massacred the staff at Charlie Hebdo magazine for printing cartoons they found offensive. The Journal … Continue reading

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John Podhoretz Calls Steve Sailer “a Loathsome, Reprllent Racist Filth”

In case you were wondering whether Steve Sailer was a loathsome, reprllent racist filth, wonder no longer. https://t.co/NibEcV2umH — John Podhoretz (@jpodhoretz) September 1, 2017 Comments at Steve Sailer: * If Sailer applied Sailerism to Israel alone, Pod would be … Continue reading

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Jews Against Censorship

From The Sun in the UK: “We understand that the editor of a prominent Jewish newspaper advised the tech giant against simply blocking videos discussing disturbing subjects, suggesting that the best way to combat these views is to debate and … Continue reading

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