John Podhoretz Calls Steve Sailer “a Loathsome, Reprllent Racist Filth”

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* If Sailer applied Sailerism to Israel alone, Pod would be his greatest fan.

What people like Pod fear most is Independence. Independence means a people will put their interests first and at center. Pod wants all white Americans to put their own identity/interests in the back-burner to serve the greater ‘good’ of globalism dominated by Elysium Club that allows ethno-centrism only for Israel.

When Hindus began to put their identity and interests first, they no longer wanted to serve the ‘higher’ interests of the British Empire.

If a people want to opt out of globalist supremacism, they are attacked as ‘supremacist’.

* For years you’ve been blaming John Podhoretz for having you been kicked out of NR.

But in all that time you’ve never explained your absence from TAC for whom you once wrote.

I suppose this is as good a time to ask as any.

* /pol/ is the politics board on 4chan. It followed the example of the netoyo from Japan’s 2ch (a site launched in Conway, Arkansas!) who were notorious as anonymous online ultranationalists who blame Koreans for all of the nation’s ills, with Jews swapped in as villains instead. It’s been the breeding ground for lots of memes, of which cuck/cuckservative is probably the most famous right now. The insult took off sleuths discovered site owner Christopher ‘moot’ Poole’s gawker-employed girlfriend was cheating on him during gamergate.

* /pol/ is the politics board of 4chan (hence the white nationalism/anime connection), and it’s relevant because it’s basically where the alt-right was born. It’s where bored young white men (like my friends in high school) went to waste time online by talking anonymously about politics, without fear that “controversial” opinions would get censored. (I’ve seen Steve very favorably referenced a few times there, incidentally.)

* Podhoretz, also known as J.P. Normans-son, either believes:

1. our Steve is secretly a Daily-Stormer-reading NatSoc, sharpening his bayonet as he awaits the Day of the Rope.


2. Steve’s mild-mannered civic nationalism is “a loathsome, reprllent filth” tantamount to the Holocaust, Part II.

I am honestly unsure which it is. In any case, it’s probably safe to say that Twitter accounts with blue checkmarks and parentheses are some of the biggest recruiting tools that the Alt Right has.

* At The Weekly Standard, one staff member said, Podhoretz’s “arrogance and egotism had a psychological effect people can’t quite believe.” At The Washington Times a colleague reported, he was “permanently frozen in juvenalia.” Glenn Garvin, the Central American bureau chief of the Miami Herald, once said that at the Times, Podhoretz “constantly complained that his brilliance wasn’t appreciated.”

Podhoretz is emphatic in his defense of Israel in its conflicts with its Arab neighbors. When pundit Pat Buchanan called Israel’s actions in the 2006 Lebanon War “un-Christian”, Podhoretz wrote: “You want to know what anti-Semitism is? When Pat Buchanan calls Israel’s military action ‘un-Christian.’ That’s anti-Semitism.”

Podhoretz has supported the Iraq War from its inception until the present. In his book, Bush Country, he wrote, “The natural terrorist hunger to acquire WMDs, and Saddam Hussein’s desire to humiliate the United States, combined to make Iraq a new kind of threat to America and the world.” In a July 25, 2006 column for the New York Post that discussed the Israel-Lebanon conflict, Podhoretz advocated a more Machiavellian policy in Iraq, writing: “What if the tactical mistake we made in Iraq was that we didn’t kill enough Sunnis in the early going to intimidate them and make them so afraid of us they would go along with anything? Wasn’t the survival of Sunni men between the ages of 15 and 35 the reason there was an insurgency and the basic cause of the sectarian violence now?”

* I cannot figure why his mother (who is a capable essayist) and father (who could assemble an interesting magazine) did not dissuade him from a career in opinion journalism. He produces satisfactory book reviews, but is otherwise mediocre. He’s a graduate of the University of Chicago, so a deficit of brains per se is not his problem; he just lacks the necessary verbal agility.

* In the early days of NRO, I really enjoyed the Corner, which at that time was sort of a conservative proto-twitter. It had a heady, fun, friendly vibe. Then they let JPod in, and all of a sudden the whole thing went to hell as he would have these bizarre, unprovoked rage attacks. It was really odd.

* The Weinsteins are synonymous with Oscarbait movies. Nobody else is close to them. I couldn’t have chosen anybody else without confusing readers. It would be like referencing somebody other than Meryl Streep as an Oscar-honored actress.

* Never been to /pol/?

Uh oh. I’m afraid that Steve is about to undergo some very dramatic changes.

* JPod doesn’t believe a damn thing.

He knows what’s left of his power depends on leveraging SWPL/Jewish paranoia/status anxiety to keep more capable writers like Sailer in the ghetto on trumped up charges pour enourager les autres.

* I thought intermarriage with Gentiles was considered Holocaust, Part II. Perhaps civic nationalism is constantly undermined because it is seen as creating favorable conditions for intermarriage.

* Podhoretz’s argument about why it was the fault of the Palestinians that Mossad assassinated by mistake a Palestinian waiter in Norway is like saying it’s the fault of black people that the LAPD, when hunting frantically for black rogue cop Chris Dorner, shot up those two Mexican ladies delivering newspapers.

* Maybe he should take character lessons from David Brooks.

* Sigh. Am I the only one who fails to grasp what Podhoretz found so offensive here?

Is he objecting to the joke about how Hollywood insists on awkwardly cramming “diversity” into every story, no matter how out of place it is? I thought that the right — the WHOLE right, from the craziest radicals to the most cowardly cucks — pretty much universally agreed this was stupid.

Or maybe JPod sees “Weinstein” and it causes his Jew-baiting alarm to immediately go off. Sigh. If that’s what he’s worried about, let me assure him it went right over the heads of about 99 percent of Gentiles. The Jewish angle on Steve’s comment didn’t even register with me until JPod got his undies in a wad over it.

Hey, John, it’s not always about the Jews. The typical Gentile doesn’t see “Weinsteins” and think “Joooooooos!” They see it and think, “those are the annoying guys who are always trying to suck up to Oscar voters.” Ethnicity and religion never enter into it.

* The most famous, and popular, is 4chan’s:

It’s more free-wheeling and tolerant of fun, gets more traffic, probably half the population is non-white, though you wouldn’t think it.

Less famous and less populated, the more hardcore 8ch(an):

… ‘nazis’ split off from 4chan over ideology. I mention them because they’re more effective at scheming and autistically putting together photos to dox people.

People go back and forth, from 8ch for plans, to 4chan to recruit help (mostly). When people want to scheme privately, they’ll open a ‘discord’, a free, all-purpose live communication platform originally developed for gamers.

* Podhoretz’s rhetoric is the verbal equivalent of Antifa throwing feces.

* I don’t know that he cheats on his wife or cheats on his taxes. I’ve no reason to believe he’s ever advocated anything he didn’t actually believe, although the opinion-monger trade does induce people to play particular stereotyped roles. He does have a sense of himself and his social circle that tends to inflate their importance and sophistication. (See the obituary of his sister in which he chuffers about how accomplished his brother-in-law was at age 36; his brother-in-law was a lawyer with a fund of liberal education who had certain connections and certain modest administrative talents; he wasn’t any more accomplished than a mid-level business executive of a sort you can find in any small city in America).

Whatever dynamic which prevailed between JP and his parents after 1982 was the wrong one. He never acquired any post-baccalaureate schooling or worked in a trade for which you could say he was suitable. Instead, he wrote mediocre newspaper columns for the New York Post, ate too much, dressed badly, married very late in life, had no children until he was nearly 40, and ended up taking over the dregs of his father’s magazine when the American Jewish Committee and his father’s puppy dog Neil Kozodoy decided they were done with it. He seems like a character who might be skewered or pitied in a short story by Joan Didion or John Updike.

* Steve’s citizenism is the core of what pisses JPod off. Along no doubt with Steve’s “noticing” and in particular contrasts of what’s kosher in Israel versus here.

But this is still a bit off. “Sailerism”–i.e. citizenism–which Steve advocates is not what Israel practices/what JPod approves of. Israel is openly an ethno-nationalist state and not just in a nodding “this is our culture” sort of way, but in a policy specific sort of way (e.g. selective immigration).

More accurate would be to say that if Richard Spencer applied “Spencerism” to Israel alone JPod would be his greatest fan.

While JPod is pretty much a loon–often seeming to be no more than a crude caricature of Jewish ethnic resentments–his particular line of thought on these sorts of issues seems quite common among a whole slew of Jewish commentators from center-left through right:

Israel is … Israel, a nation, the homeland of the Jewish people. And Israel must do anything that is necessary to preserve itself as the homeland of the Jewish people.

All other nations, however, are in the category of “host nations”. They must be “open”. They in particular must be ever open to the Jews or else they are “anti-Semitic”. And white nations in particular must be deconstructed to be open to all and “multicultural” so that minorities–like Jews–can always feel welcome. And super-specifically the United States is the ultimate “host nation” and has no legitimate native character–it’s a “nation of immigrants”–and must have open immigration to utterly drown those racist rednecks who somehow think they have some claim on it.

* Per published captions, the rescuer is Daryl Hudeck, and the rescuee is Catherine Pham and child (i.e. Southeast Asian).

Outside of this particular corner of commentary, the big controversy about this picture was when blogger Matt Walsh made a commonsensical observation:

“Woman cradles and protects child. Man carries and protects both. This is how it ought to be, despite what your gender studies professor says.”

And lo, the wrath of the harpies did descend upon him. Out of the many pointings and shriekings, the official curators of Twitter instructed Tweeters to read the Tweet thread by Christina Wolbrecht, whom they identified as a “Real Professor,” explaining interminably why Walsh’s Tweet was Problematic.

* To understand the tangled history of the feud between Conservatism Inc. and the Dissident Right, it helps to see just how hysterically the likes of JPod react to even the most mild challenges to the Proposition Nation:

7/11/2005 – JPod triggered by Derb’s criticism of birthright citizenship

7/13/2005 – JPod calls Sailer “a scum”

7/17/2005 – Sailer cites Norman Podhoretz contra JPod

9/3/2005 – Sailer commits an act of Unauthorized Noticing

9/5/2005 – JPod triggered; early use of “point ‘n’ sputter”

9/7/2005 – Sailer cites Commentary and AEI contra JPod

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