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How Not To Relate To Black Jews

I’m acquainted with about a dozen black Jews in Pico-Robertson. I think the first one I met was at Bnai David in 1994 at a Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz talk and I went up to him and said, “You don’t meet … Continue reading

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Becoming More Liberal And More Observant

Michael Lewyn writes: In one of your Klinghoffer interviews, one of you (I can’t remember which) suggests that becoming more frum always leads to more political conservatism (or at least doesn’t make one more politically liberal).   This hasn’t been … Continue reading

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David Suissa: ‘I Heart Shuvuot’

I got a sneak peak at excerpts of David Suissa’s column in next week’s Jewish Journal: In most suburban congregations, other than the occasional blintz offering, no one really talks about Shavout, but last week I had lunch with an … Continue reading

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