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Luke Ford Torah Study Doll Hits 10,000 Units Sold!

Shomerica, America’s number one company for products for the Orthodx Jewish Shomer community is pleased to announce it has shipped 10,000 units of its Luke Ford Torah Study Companion Doll. “Our demographic research showed that many Shomer Jews sought Torah … Continue reading

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This Week’s Parsha (Exodus 19:1–20:23)

Watch the whole show! I discuss the weekly Torah portion with Rabbi Rabbs every Monday at 7pm PST on my live cam and YouTube. This week’s parsha is Yitro. * What do you think of Sarah Palin saying she was … Continue reading

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How Should A Man Relate To Jenn Sterger?

I’ve spent my morning looking at photos of Jenn Sterger and I have come to some very profound conclusions. I’m wondering if she wanted to receive those intimate texts from Brett Favre? I’ve spent a long time looking at photos … Continue reading

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The Sisterhood 50

The Charedim received almost no attention the past few years in Newsweek’s annual listing of America’s top 50 rabbis. Sure, some chareidim complain about this, but few care very much. I get a sense that these feminists care very much … Continue reading

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Where Are The Orthodox?

In the wake of last week’s flotilla mess, numerous non-Orthodox rabbis took to print to critique Israel’s response. Among them was Conservative rabbi Sharon Brous. Her complete lack of expertise in matters of security did not stop her from approvingly … Continue reading

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