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I Got An Email From Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky

Yesterday, I emailed Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky this comment by a blogger: “Two weeks before Rosh Hashana and in the context of an apology, Orlofsky feels free to insult bloggers who objected to the Slifkin ban. Those bloggers include rabbis, students, … Continue reading

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‘Shame On You’

Jane Doe emails: I was trying to google shalhevet school for my son and came up with all this "stuff" on your blog? website? about information about lawsuits etc I worked at shalhevet during the time of those situations you … Continue reading

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National Lashon Hara Day

From OU.org, five reasons to speak lashon hara: As we march towards Rosh Hashana, join with Jews across North America to be more aware of what we say and what we listen to, and to resolve to improve in 5769. … Continue reading

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