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Is Moshe A Prophet Or A Failed Leader?

From wikipedia: Moses speculated that perchance there were among the Israelites some whose hearts were even then turning away from God to go worship the gods of those nations, who might think themselves immune, thinking that they would be safe … Continue reading

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Crown Heights Controversy

From New York: The Crown Heights community and it’s representatives "the Netzigim of Crown Heights" have tried in vain for the past several years to rid it’s self of the criminal dictator which heads the CHJCC, by attempting to organize … Continue reading

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The Man Who Brought Down Ehud Ohlmert

Joe emails: Meet Morris/Moshe Talansky   http://www.nypost.com/seven/05062008/news/regionalnews/israel_scandals_li_link_109573.htm He splits his time between Woodmere, NY (the "Five" towns) and Wolfson Towers in Jerusalem.   Divorced   http://www.davefox73.com/wc01_157.html   He is a major financier. here is one of his projects http://www2.nysun.com/article/58352   … Continue reading

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