Crown Heights Controversy

From New York:

The Crown Heights community and it’s representatives "the Netzigim of Crown Heights" have tried in vain for the past several years to rid it’s self of the criminal dictator which heads the CHJCC, by attempting to organize new elections for a new board of directors to head the CHJCC.

These efforts were blocked by Moshe Rubashkin, where he used the rubber stamp of his Rabbi, Rabbi Avrohom Osdoba, who is on the payroll of this convicted felon, in a grossly unethical attempt by Rabbi Osdoba to exploit the situation, in an unprecedented abuse of Rabbinical power by Rabbi Osdoba to Cover Up on all the criminal Activity of this Convicted Felon, Moshe Rubashkin, to attempt to stop the community from taking Moshe Rubashkin to court and now his shameless attempt to keep this convicted felon empowered indefinitely by issuing baseless Rabbinical rulings to block any community attempt to organize Democratic Elections for a new Vaad hakohol and for new Board of Directors of the CHJCC.

When Moshe Rubashkin was arrested for hitting the head of the Netzigim, Yisroel Best, Rabbi Osdoba even went to the Police Station, to show his support for the Arrested Criminal, Moshe Rubashkin, while interestingly Rabbi Osdoba was not even ashamed that he visited the Perpetrator yet refused to visit the Victim, Yisroel best who was, at the same time and the same place, also under arrest since Moshe Rubashkin had filed counter charges against his victim, Yisroel Best.

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